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Something that should be of interest for Deleuze readers....

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Continuum Press announce a new work at the forefront of contemporary


Post-Continental Philosophy outlines the shift in Continental thought
over the last 20 years through the work of four central figures:
Gilles Deleuze, Alain Badiou, Michel Henry, and François Laruelle.
Though they follow seemingly different methodologies and agendas, each
insists on the need for a return to the category of immanence if
philosophy is to have any future at all. Rejecting both the German
phenomenological tradition of transcendence (of the Ego, Being,
Consciousness, Alterity, or Flesh), as well as the French
Structuralist valorisation of Language, they instead take the immanent
categories of biology (Deleuze), mathematics (Badiou), affectivity
(Henry), and axiomatic science (Laruelle) as focal points for a
renewal of thought. Consequently, Continental philosophy is taken in a
new direction that engages science and nature with a refreshingly
critical and non-reductive approach to life, set-theory, embodiment,
and knowledge. However, each of these new philosophies of immanence
still regards what the other is doing as transcendent representation,
raising the question of what this return to immanence really means. 
John Mullarkey's analysis provides a startling answer.  By teasing out
their internal differences, he discovers that the only thing that can
be said of immanence without falling back into transcendent
representation seems not to be a saying at all but a 'showing', a
depiction through lines.  Because each of these philosophies also
places a special value on the diagram, the common ground of immanence
is that occupied by the philosophical diagram rather than the word. 
The heavily illustrated final chapter of the book literally outlines
how a mode of philosophical discourse might proceed when using
diagrams to think immanence.

Introduction: 1988, Outlines of a Philosophical Event 
Chapter 1 Deleuze and the Travails of Virtual Immanence 
Chapter 2 Henry and the Affects of Actual Immanence 
Chapter 3 Alain Badiou: The Universal Quantifier 
Chapter 4 From Philosophy to Non-Philosophy: François Laruelle 
Chapter 5 Thinking in Diagrams 
Conclusion: The Shape of Thoughts to Come 

`Mullarkey's Post-Continental Philosophy is a very important book. It
is the first book to discuss four philosophers hardly ever associated:
Deleuze, Henry, Badiou, and Laruelle. But Mullarkey's book is also
very bold: it may be the beginning of a new form of thinking, beyond
the old opposition between Continental philosophy and analytic
philosophy. The thought of absolute immanence opens the way.'
Len Lawlor, University of Memphis

`John Mullarkey's Post-Continental Philosophy is a challenging and
important work . . . Not only does Mullarkey cleverly expose many
previously unrecognized connections among these thinkers, he does
so in his own remarkable idiom.'
John Protevi, Louisiana state University

Continuum International Publishing Group Ltd. (8 Dec 2006) 
ISBN: 0826464610
Price: £19.99 (pb)

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