[D-G] trans-atlantic crisis?

NZ pretzelworld at gmail.com
Mon Apr 24 19:47:09 PDT 2006

trans-atlantic crisis?
I never knew about the trans-atlantic crisis until I left america &
went to germany and found out that I could watch my favorite sitcom tv
shows of 10years ago (is that clement's juglar cycle, but which way is
going in 2006?) Usually, the imperial-colonialists imposed much longer
cycles on citizens and in this day and age it has become a
worryforsome prospect that their unilateral agenda turns out to be
more sour then a jar of pickles that's been sitting on the shelf.
Commerce in culture is not alone on the menu and this agenda of
conservatism is really regulated by a "slow-motion" agenda where the
colonizing occures linear/arithmetically less and less. America,
still, as a colony, sits in the very front/frontier of this slowing
ripple depth-probe that now reaches into further then just
territorlizing(Alaska, 1951) but must compete for re-territorializing
too (re:psychedelic 60s, "me"-generaion 70s,). Even in the competition
for re-territorialiing America is unilaterally ahead of europe interms
of shear alienation/ego. the "animae" of this psycho-mega-machine (as
freud has catagorically insured) is controllable only by the stupid
pulse rhythm of "creative destruction" (is schumpeter writing a comedy
for retards?)

Now how I am supposed to know that as the sovereign union prepares to
europeanizes itself we will see another version of the same agenda but
only in slow-motion? The retarded sophic-paradox essentially
cultivates (as in religious cult) another crisis of citizenship where
the pursuit of divine-knowledge is slowed by the divine-violence of
dogma-less capitalism. The natural anti-heurmanutic aspect of the
hypocampus reveals a narrative that even "speed", itself reversed
,will become, becoming in the passed tense, suddenly "sped", and even
a retard knows what that means.

Like riding the world's first roller-coaster in 1492 and not enjoying
it very much because it has given you brain damage.



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