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I cannot say that I am grasping what you are trying to express - if you do
so. If you don't I don't see what you are doing in your mail.

Now the social contract is signed by the people accepting that there are
in order to guarantee their safety as police, courts, laws and a lot more.
This is signed more or less personal by the majority of the members of
almost every state, even if one is
unsatisfied with some or a lot of the actions of the government.
The monopole of violence by the state is almost commonly
accepted, which is the first step of the social contract.

Most people grasped that inner and outer peace is a necessary condition for

greetings Harald Wenk

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[blab-blab..really great stuff....  more great stuff, really well
worded.... ]"The positive function is to look
at sources which are not used until now."

-Is that necessary? I am not trying toplay contrarian but I honastly
do not know that this is a part of gameplay. Just like the "social
contract", what is it really, I have never met anyone who has seen one
or signed such a thing.

jam the box '84
"reciprocation, trading, pulse, hrz.... it is not natural (as in steps
removed from platonic/spinozique/buddhist reality), this is the
specific place where it hurts most (divine violence BUt alloyed to
social spectical via churchill&weimer).-  signal jammer -The handshake
that upsets the balance.... taxes and daylight savings time. IT is no
small pulse either, well placed and concealed from view it can radiate
into reality and activate BwO into animated states providing  "false
narratives" virtuals the kind derrida eats for dinner. The Rhizome is
alive and hungary all of a sudden. (canibalistic plantphorm vs canibus
canine.) Data collection is a primary mandate, yes,  but what is
really motivating such suspicious activity is control of territiory,
as in re-territorializaion. One of the partiuclar features of this
dead BwO is its real estate along the stalk. (Animating with culture
is very easy, but the techniques can be un-learned.)

Now the effort to maintain these dead bodies is often difficult but so
long as their rhymic specical is maintained the real estate can be
controlled (walls) and fate(as in legal violence) is profitable. This
is the handshake of the endgame -  if I don't know the rules then I am
not playing, I am being played(infinite profit). friday night tooling
for anus all of a sudden(desire vs meaning)

Is it me being paranoid or does it seem like a significant number of
delusional patients share a similar delusion. If you listen to the
tapes of serial killers it is very suprizing the similar narratives.
Not just the perpetuatated false-narratives of DeSade, which, as all
re-territorialized text, in its beginning was not a false-narrative,
in fact, but narratives that coincide with current events and
heurmanutical phenomena.

Deleuze y Gut. really sketch out the big picture with their rhizomeze,
but was it not someone else's analogy with the plantroots from 1830s?
I will check it out at the jungian museum....

for now I have found links to serial killers personal interviews <---
(Re: Deleuze and benjamin on pure violence.... topic)
download mp3 - serial killer
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