[D-G] Performance of Gondo Rocks

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Tue Oct 11 15:47:34 PDT 2005

Who are the Film Fanatics? I am wondering how many people are
listening/reading this small kiss I must blow to you Liza, kissssssssss

Gondo Performance. This is more interesting than The Cyborg, Gondo is a
Chimp who has grown up on the Deleuze Boards. He is adorable, and
learned to speak with an increased facility since what you call Liza the
Intellos helped him and advised him in his travels. I would put a cast
of ray, a fanishing after colour of doubting intensities smashing your
Dislike of Luke, and advance that these people do their best to help
each other. Even if they are the worst worms alive in the Cosmos, I
think they deserve your gratitude for tolerating your presence on this
board as well. See it that way, with a twist of some kind. But, really,
don't get upset by them, they are the future leaders of the books, the
libraries will be imagined by their concepts, and the schools will be
built and Deleuze's Name will be cizelled in big characters on the Doric
Temple of the Future, and these so callled Intellos are the craft
engeneers of the future Republic of the 22 etc centuries, so my advice
is: better not start, as Gondo said in his Performance, not to start any
thread of disagreement with the people that are so wonderfully
inhabitants of "here".
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