[D-G] Middle Ages

NZ pretzelworld at gmail.com
Fri Oct 7 16:19:27 PDT 2005

I would like to join your team. I have always found myself wrestling
with my univeristy career and I know I will enjoy seeing it dead and
burried. I have always assumed thhe "dark ages" were such a dull and
boring time period for europeans. Its hard to look beyond the main
"slavery-to-feudal" social dialectic to see more and more movements,
like Hildegarde's medical experiments. Mészáros quickly sums up the
the christianization of Rome as a capitalist manipulation of social
movements. He traces the bare-bones shape of an economy of alienation
that is really interesting. (it makes more sense if you read the whole

There are incredible problems with the federal edcuation programs here
in the US. For starters newt gingrinch should never ever be allowed to
ever touch any child, yet he is given giant federal grants to build
barbed-wire fences around their homes to keep foriegners out of their
communities. Why didn't any US senetors ask supreme court  lotto
winner John Roberts about the educational apartheidism of Texas. I
don't know what to fully think of Michael Chapman's crusade against
"Global Citizenship" cuz I have been able to wade through his massive
texts... but it looks like he's totally nuts but also very correct and
provides a realy good case against Negri's bizarre concept of
"informationalism." (that dumb word shifts the focus away from the
arena of class war anyway and needs to go the way of all those other
meaningless "paradigm-shifts" like "culture shock"... namely, the
99cent  bin)

Chapman takes for granted my current peeve with "the university", that
being its reliance on "broadcasting" as a mode of communication. I
believe "broadcasting" is far more prevailant than the
"sender-reciever" mode that structuralists cling to and I think it
fits in very well with PV's "automatismation" of power. You can't
complain to the TV anchorman about the news broadcast, can you?
"Broadcasting", the literal word & the techniques really come out of
the agrerian societies who use broadcasting to disseminate seeds. You
don't feed water to one plant at a time, you spray the whole field...
whatever grows, will grow...  like rhizomes. Even the horizontal and
vertical matrix of the televized image comes from a midwestern
sharecropper, Philo T Farnsworth, who saw ordinary farm fields as
graphical matrix patterns... right? or was that the loom?

Anyway the difference between a conspiracy theory and an ordinary
theory really has to do with the factual rigor, the narrative is just

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