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Liza Kozner liza_kozner at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Oct 2 20:32:49 PDT 2005


Enough. The list should change and please do not hurry your judgments, and do not beleive too fast these are words of orders, that a commander role I want to give to myself here, but, what is important, it is I give you my new idea about the lists.
Malgosia since long promised us with video sending. But he could not reformat the deleuze guattari spoon list into the drift-line list without the abstraction from these add-ons in video pluggings.
It is now sad that I cannot join the discussion on Scorcese because I have no PBS at home. We should be able to exchange such files by snails mails. We know Internet, it is fine, but times are approaching when a new connectivities between humans is possible and not a dream. not just a fabulation between two words of lyrical beauty.
I am constructing a movie, and the consistence itself of the list made itself shown as capable of other things than testified by the processing mailings of the past.
If we can send our humanity and love of theory and deleuze guattari's practice in one blown kiss together at once, we thus must realize that we can do a Movie together. I am starting a movie and I am using the texts of these interviews, the sublines of the prospects at play inbetween the mails, to script and actors are soon going to convert them to the reality of Cinema. Cinema has been invaded by Television says one character, but we would be so gratified if we could build this movie, as much as the Ostyan Platform promised, years ago, on these same boards, to communicate scientific documentation by the means of cinema instead than by the means of text. Text is a closed folder, Cinema opens every gates in our mind, our creativity explodes at this minute at this moment, we should grab the occasion and experiment, be true to the eternal spirit of inovation which constitutes Mankinds since the Rennaissance and before Rennaissance, with the Greeks, the Hebrews the old Empires, it is so
 wonderful what I am about to be constructing, lets share this.
But lets not share this in little text, but lets do it snail mail and find a n arrangement wherin every party feels concerned<.
It's up to you to tell me what you beleive can this do for you.
Ciao. Liza Kozner 34 rue Washington 1050 Bruxelles Belgium Europe. Send I send we build something.!!!

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