[D-G] relating Deleuze to your work

Liza Kozner liza_kozner at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Nov 30 18:24:33 PST 2005

in any case, i've booked a subscritption to many different users site,
  yet no one really is active
  no deleuze guattari site is active.
  i thought it was just this one, because it had been broken because of the war in irak.
  has anybody studied the effect of the war on terror, the war in irak, in americans subjectivities? i think well it's a crumbling world.
  really, i say this not just because i want it. and even the communists, or the anarchists are or have american (i mean western) subjectivities. american subjectivities had found a terrain of expression on deleuze. it seems they loose it.
  of course there are books on deleuze and guattari that get published . but not a lot, and they are not interesting. but that was since it all started. massumi was an example. the first one. why people read the introduction? find it a valuable introduction to the reading? in some sort of way it's necessary to see that deleuze exausted the philosophical fields. he's at his best in his litterary description of Challenger, or with his drifting towards american as schizophrens. the revolution of the schizophrenic agents. but why don't you write? here on this list? you and you? using the tone of accusation. the power of repression asking you to have something to say. i hope what i wrote so far was interesting to you. are you a student, interested in philosophy? learn that philosophy is not reflection, and that it's not through reading books of philosophy that you shall know how to philosophize. you are not a philosopher, so why the subscription to this list? why so? if you are, and you
 don't like me, you are void, non-human. incapable to live. one of Nietzsche vanishing ego. so please make a good action, and write anything. just non-sense. everything is arranged for you. it's been years of non-sense. the whole platform of this site is dealing with non-sense since the start of it in 1994. everytime you would write sense it would immediately be seen as non-sense. so do it. push your fingers together, write an essay on whatever there is in your mind, and push the send icon. ha ha ha.

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