[D-G] the festival of queerness

Liza Kozner liza_kozner at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Nov 24 18:43:24 PST 2005

  I think this the more evanescent festival i ever saw. the lowest human event imaginable. there was i think one i saw in r'dam about deleuze with brain massumi and delanda. it was also full of this people dressing in brwon and grey and lacking existence and talking about "virtual".
  i thought it was a performance festival, aude gave me this link. but its about language, being queer and being capable of using computer. all this expressed with references to Faucoult, Butler and Deleuze, and at the same time, i get to wonder how these litterature, fall, fall fall to the lowest pits of intelligence on the whole universe. i think spinoza's god must have some kind of feeling of this. it so, incredible. these people are void, useless, pointless, and they now it.
  it must be disgusting to be like that.
  i hope you talk about this in your workshop. i think i will talk about paris match for the clichey.try to impress them, to make them feel ridicule ashamed. i would like them in the skin of selfsuicide terrorist before a massive act. a good idea would be part Monaco, part a plane crashing on Brussels in a Clingon Environment.

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