[D-G] impossibility of interactivity on the internet for me

adline vanlindenbergh bisouxnoursfast at fastmail.fm
Tue Nov 15 19:35:50 PST 2005

urgency indeed in France.

but in other parts probably aswell. Netherlands is fine here.

Hi Liza ;))

I think what is important. I have encourgaed people to understand
important things.
Thus this is important.

The circulation of signs worldwide, the readability of the Internet
(when the browser can go from on page to an other, to one world to an
other in a second)
this absurd reterritorialisation on the means of diffusion, makes no
escape vital enough, and what we have, is retroaction.

Implosion. Devastating ego as small as little particles,
and and yes, I want to say, as much older than anybody, I want to say,
it is not here that you have to write.
If you come here, we discourgae the use of the list for expression. Not
because we find expressing our ideas and important thinking, the death
line of our text, to be explored, in this text, visible as the poison,
which emanates from the bottom of the volcanic spirit of Adline V. The
Great conqueror of the Orient.

I declare France reunited with the US. We are in the same problem
tonight Jacques and so it is not impossible that the break is
irreversible, and the revolution has started.

Until December burns the car of cousin Bakounine. He bruned his tyranny
on the impossible altar of self expression all his life. I am slowly
going to his farm in Russia.

Impossible to write all this here. It with some assive melancholy that
these forcasting line could overpass the turpid monotony of my text, so
that some iridescent rainbows be blown away and shatter unconscious
rains my area.

Impossible to think, impossibile to write. Need to learn, to divert the
blows of the unconscious in one egg like shape, resounding sapient with
a glee in the corner of the abstract hypertext of the text itself.

Magnetic Impossibility to call people to write with me. You young
independent conqueror in dreams of yours, the happyness of writng the
spiritual liquor is yours in thy confinenement. Generous outbreak.
Stork. Is this automatic writing reinvented.

But I pray you not to write on this List.

Thank you.
  adline vanlindenbergh
  bisouxnoursfast at fastmail.fm

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