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Mon Nov 14 17:42:21 PST 2005

do not despair Liza. Your views are biased by the vision of the artist, and that is why you despair. There's one way I know for now. It is one that you have to be competitive. You have heard Jacques Chirac on todays news. He said it. You have to be accepted integrated. But other people are just like you. They want to be listened to. They want to give something that can be shared by others. We're all in the same ship. And so, we cannot be conservative, and stay near the animals. We're part of something new, we're trying. It does not matter if you're not an artist. You can be part of world economy and life will seem hitherto less boring for that same reason you can share your adventures, here or elswhere. Its a big chance we have met indeed on this list. Take confidence, and push further along the walls will break eventually...
Bart T.

Liza Kozner <liza_kozner at yahoo.co.uk> menulis:
complains... fake personnas and nobody says something new . "i find life boring. i cannot find help because psychiatrist and psychologists belong to the repressive engines". Clifford Duffy is not writing and besides he is supporting the repression against the Frenchs. He sais they are but desire machines and fear in France. Too much news in our heads. Nothing interesting on the planet or not?. Tell me there's hope to be alive.

Some artistic movement. Is it true would you think Deleuze criticized the artistic movements? And that's why there's nothing. Politics yes, but artistically there's a lack of feeling of doing something. I am sad Clifford shot the door, because he's a nice poet-writer. Are there any other here, on the planet, interesting poets/artists alive to this day?
adline vanlindenbergh wrote:

i don't like my writing, what i have written today.
i can see in it the ambivalence, the idea of writing to an accademician,
but seing
this ambivalence is interesting. after having done websites in support
of Rabbo of
Palestine in 2k1, then in 2k4 i shifted towards support of assasination
Hamas Leader, i shifted in because i thought no hope to come from
jihadist terrorism and
the charismatic religiousity of such groups. today i shift again towards
the idea of humanism such as proposed by edward said, and this is
i see the stratas. i see the West, and i see it's going nowhere for
humanity, and I see Israel
as only defending its mixed up US interest, as any other nation, not the
elected people. 

i am sick of this schizophrenic many depressive which has made me an
alien amidst other aliens. 
i want some sanity. i don't think the macromolar way of domination over
politics by the western subjectivities can help my self. i or we need
something else. but as others i am infected by the virus of macromolar
politics, and it's slow agenda. these questions are interesting.
guattari talked there was different levels. one was the macromolar.
powerful people have the clues to this dilemma. but they are t o t a l l
y unconscious. with the human ant like tree like repartition of quantas,
it seems some people here deal with macromal, and some other with
micromolecular. harald wenks accademicians it seems deal clearely with
micromlecular. the scientists work for the politicians of
macromolecular. this crosscuts with atp itinerent versus war machine. do
some here have already thought about these stories?
adline vanlindenbergh
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