[D-G] reterriolization, nihilism, new thruth seeking

NZ pretzelworld at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 12:51:30 PST 2005

raw data is just information that can be used for narrative
construction. there is nothing special or unique about it and for all
salient purposses it is indistinguishable from narrative data. The
point I am trying to make is that implicite in information gathering
is a narrative-creation process that is usually bracketed by the
boundaries of the information in question. If that information is
already subjected to a narrative, then it seems to me that our own
personal narrative construction is necessarily bracketed by the
boundaries of that narrative, rather than the boundaries of the
information within the narrative... like second hand information. It
is in cases such as this that we are forced into a habit of folding of
an external narrative upon our own narative construction. To me this
does not seem like an ideal situation to be in for an intellectual
because it amounts to a loss of tempo. And tempo is how power is
managed within grammar of logos. When Duchamp is playing chess with
the Bismark it becomes apparent that during the endgame, all Duchamp
can hope for is holding off white's necessary victory. This
holding-back is an attempt at tempo control within the limited
narrative of play. I like what Kasparov says about Bryszinski's
geopolitical chessboard... he basically says that if we are to
seriously concider the chessboard analogy we ought to adopt a new
gigantic chessboard because the 8x8 is far too small. The joke really
is the assumption of the chedssboard narrative, it is meaningless to
everyone except the one who is maintaining tempo control of the game,
for them it is necessary.

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