[D-G] D&G reading group

john writer johnwriter at mac.com
Tue May 31 22:36:38 PDT 2005

Lucy wrote:

> If you enjoy debates about DG and
> aswell enjoy DG, you should know by now about
> something is stuck wrong deep with you. if you feel
> enough conscious to be open and ask if you were not
> the one wrong, Correct it this way:  Deleuze himself
> would have said influence of Modern Contemporary art
> on Thinking, or theory practice, is coming from
> outside or away than their own Deleuzian thought.

Dare I say you may have caught me in the "deep"...and "wrong" it may  
be, but I am interested in your "correction" of my deep. You as one  
who speaks from the inner voice of Deleuze, a disciple of sorts, cite  
the way as being "away" from the thought of Deleuze. The doctors cure  
is not to listen to the doctor but to oneself, or more properly said  
that liminal place that you describe as "from or not from" -- to  
find  "what to connect with" hopefully with inspiration. This is a  
very Socratic but I question how helpful a response to my initial  
question "does anyone know of a D-G reading group."

> like to talk about and knot, anchor around
> things and do intereactive readings

> What could be interesting is to knot reading of DG
> around nothing.

A knot does not always signify "nothing" but can be as "not" or  

But what do you mean by "nothing?"

>> This list is dead since 2003
>> for example.

Do you mean a "passive" nothing like hanging around the neck of a  
dead list?  I don't think so. I suggest you leave the dead to bury  
the dead. (Socrates and Christ)

Anti-Christ I am left.


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