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I think there's something which does not need to be destroyed in
Deleuze, and it's his books, a work, and the little life which is imbed
into them. 
 i was not referring as French as -the language of DG-, I think it's the
 creation of a singular language, which is not projectable backwards
 into any language of whatsoever kind, like in the standard French
 Language, and that is why I said that because these books could be read
 in the original, Deleuze's language would probably reamin the best
 language if you want to seriously read Deleuze.   So during the little
 time of existence of the readers, at the moment of the question of the
 "evaluation" of this language of Deleuze, Deleuze at least could be at
 this moment, thus, left outside of any fashist formation, or delirium
 of classes, and delirium by races and implosive channels in Chaosmosis,
 bordering to such "evaluations". 


i dont want to bothhewr you, but the language of Deleuze and Guattari is 
very literally worthwile, either in french, english or german.
There are Kafka, Kleist, Nietzsche and a lot of other writers far more
sensible and expressive.


Harald Wenk

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> well the title of the e-mail is the message
> it means: what are you experiences when reading translations of books of
> Deleuze &Guattari
> in your own language. what effect does it have. i am French native from
> my Father and from my Mother she is Dutch and of a different minority
> than was Gilles Deleuze in France. Also I lived in Grenoble which is
> near Haute Savoie. I learned English while talking with my cousin who
> lives in England but of Irish descent. But ANYWAY, this is it: reading
> WIP? or in English is such perceptually, -i just did it on this passge
> of Synaesthesia) STRIKING!! OMG! The original words are so beautiful,
> and the englsih so intellectual, barbarous, that's the word i wanted to
> use for describing it. You miss something you who do not read it well
> translated!
> Share your experiences?
> Adline xx

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