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Liza Kozner liza_kozner at
Wed May 4 13:11:23 PDT 2005

Guattari and dEleuze in A Thouzand Platoz,
desckribe their technicianiscist intension
to relate Nietzsche appraise of Bizet against Rich.
Wagner, such I suppose it had been done in Cas Wagner
and other parts, and in relation to abstract machine
respecgtive of Bizet and Wagner
and relate it to their personal appraisal
of Chabrier against Schönebergh.

are there people who have mediateted upon this, how do
you indeed relate the Nietzschean appreciation of
Wagner's music and personality, and audience(?)
actually to Schönebergh?
I have just been reading a letter of Schönebergh
addressed to Richard Strauss, who seemed in turn
reluctant to place his music to a 1909 Berlin
"Conservatist" Audience. Logical: why Shönebergh,
apart maybe for the link between synaesthesia
notemment namely expressed in WIP? in relation to wish
to establish, by specific intertwining of music and
image as art total? What's art total translation in
English btw?? But realistically the question is: how
can Chabrier can offer interst in comparison to

Do you know what part of Schönbergh music, abstarct
machine, exactly Deleuze and Guattari could be found
of Critcisizing?


Liza K.

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