[D-G] to build by help, rhizome

Lucy LeGentilSinge lucy100millionyearsold at yahoo.co.uk
Mon May 2 00:59:58 PDT 2005

Dear Harald,

I think I need in case you want to feel the interest
of the Rhizome spread outside internet, that I have
posed as a possibility, on the Drift list, considering
that my own personal project is alien to Deleuand
Guattari'z system, why wouldn't you take the project
on your skulls, vertebras and shoulders, and bring it
to mature development throught discussing it with
other people on the List of Drifts.

I had a project which in one e-mail of semi-hypnotic
transference caused by medication, I have poured
somwhat unconsistently, as what regards the assumption
of a metalanguage in it, rightly or wrongly, and which
to me does not express but two different projects, of
variation of the use of the key concept of dimension,
and rhizome, as differing between the consistency of
two projects, one by you, exposed quickly by your view
in last of mail of yours, and an other project of
mine, undisclosed so far on this list. 

About my own project, I had carried along several
meditation on an also international project, which can
be discussed at least by the help of this space, on
the list Drift. I sent a few comment to Carol (Joan),
and to others elswhere, always unfortunately these
comments were given under hypnotic medicative abuse.
So nothing is very clear, and, as in certain days I
could have found a way to expose it with out such
present medication, then, I will make the proposition,
and to explain claerely, to the fact, what is not
possible to accomplish at this hour.

I hope though, once the two project, or many others,
would have developped fully, mature, once more
matured, well, it's then than we shall see the
connectibility, the advantage of one, and the
disadvantage of the other, and realize how to
conflate, both into something more powerfull to the



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