[D-G] to build by help, rhizome

Lucy LeGentilSinge lucy100millionyearsold at yahoo.co.uk
Sun May 1 19:40:36 PDT 2005

 --- Lucy LeGentilSinge
<lucy100millionyearsold at yahoo.co.uk> wrote: 
> so the space is n+1 but the qualification "space" is
> itself n+1 in your instance, ?or n+1 is n-1
> according
> to smooth space theory-practice?--- "Dr. Harald
> Wenk"
> <hwenk at web

you have a choice to relate to n+1 by n+1 or n-1 by
n-1 or n-1 by etc, i thinks this as a bifurcation
somwhat, here.

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