[D-G] memories of Rimbaud

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i need you, i want to meet you like we did
it was fun in Starbuck's
we could wifi
do you say
waifai or weefee in english
you don't like when I talk like this don't you
i'll change then...
you have understood i could be bad girl
and i was a lame fuckin' space and it was boring
i was stunned by you.
cata-tonic gym-tonit etc
but i wish being better Doctor now , by meeting in Montreal
the best Doctor like Doctor Le Fou

we could try to build a new friendship that is not 
based upon matter-of-facts day life experyences, and actualised past
states of our beings

 the poetry clubs

              FADE OUT
let's forget the buzz okay
let's meet with "i really like you"

i am a monad without windows!
but i need to step

Description of Montreal Fascination.
a few stairways away, Lucy climbs down.

i would just stop going to know the town, all in it's
deleuzian ideas.
where i to stop, i am not a writer .
and i don't care about the distribute form of expression
i have other problems and you too
so why not meet again 
you also think like this
do an effort, please? let's talk like Virgin Mary
and learn parables of plenty of Baby Jesuses
but that's not what i mean to write
it's where to say you. let's where tomeet again
i will come to your town or
or with Joan you told me she was a good artist, we will just perform a
bit in a threesome
and be truer
in a Theater of Funny Words 0.
a desaffected space that you show to the visitor of Montreal
it's my mother who gave me the idea
to exchange dollars of USA as dream of coutry musicians
how one deterritorialises and territorialise in microscopic times of
don't beleive i was telling lies 
i am just in a different mood now
we are apt for infinities of possible universes .full comma,
let's fight illusion that walls us all in big and smallgroups 
false perceptions should not reactive throws ideas to easily in the
and may-be we will with Liza meet also your other friends of yours like
and everyone will try not to see their ressentments anymore to us, like 

Verdurin knows the answer to the question

i will present you to my friend Elly & Billou
 when i was in the uni rememba? in front the the tv with you.
 to build houses full of firendships, new friends arranging
we are many people
we buold and need to rebuild constantly
new friendships now !
ok move on

so you leave me a phone number 
i'll be wonderful an experience
it's normal silences precedes friendships
because there's something dangerous in Bacon meeting Beckett
but i am not a original type
so there's no worry.
that's why you trusted me
you know i am so full of truth also
but you know my IQ is wrecked at the bottom
it's of course true you are a better person
but why not to try again? to see if
we could talk
if only because:
just because i am five and
i have a mother?

it's the succession who says "she changed planes" said DG

okay this is not a classical writing so i don't need a conclusion
that fits well
i do not need to polish it
and to checked it's written
in English well and so.

i gave you 25 of truth
let me give you 50 tomorrow
and then 75
let's hope
let's not be strictly and falsely Spinozist
and forget human faith in ourselfes.

give me 12.4 percent of truth
give me -5.4 of false
give me a red cross army it's flag so it to bend in the winds of

I would do the same anyway
in your position.

Let's be better we think we could be
by meeting again.

       THE END
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