[D-G] Lecture on Civilization and Self-Destruction

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Tue Mar 8 08:29:38 PST 2005

Lecture by Richard Koenigsberg, Ph. D. at the
Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University
March 10, 2005, 12 Noon 

Location: Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution
George Mason University, Arlington Campus
3330 N. Washington Boulevard, Truland Building, Room 555
Time: March 10 (Thursday), Noon-1:30 PM
For further information, call 703-993-1300

We imagine that we know what war is, but do we really? Some say that war is
"human nature." But is there a gene that instructs Homo sapiens to build
tanks and atom bombs, salute officers, and to march in unison?
In this lecture, Dr. Richard A. Koenigsberg, author of Hitler's Ideology: A
Study in Psychoanalytic Sociology, will show how societies sacrifice human
lives and material wealth in order to demonstrate devotion to a sacred
Koenigsberg's lecture will reveal how war is destruction undertaken in the
name of that which we love. Indeed, killing and dying in warfare is the
"pledge of allegiance" in its most radical form. Societies require soldiers
everywhere to vow "obedience unto death."
In waging war, nation-states require that soldiers give over their bodies
and souls in the name of defending the sacred ideal. The Holocaust was
ultimately another side of this terrible equation, in which Jews, too, were
compelled to give over their bodies and souls to the vengeful nation-state.

Richard Koenigsberg soon will embark on a campus-wide lecture series on the
Psychology of Political Violence. See:
He currently is developing new material and will be happy to share his
research and insights with your students in a classroom or seminar setting. 
If you are teaching on topics such as war, genocide, the Holocaust, Hitler
and Nazism, and would like to explore the possibility of a presentation by
Dr. Koenigsberg (at no charge), please contact Orion Anderson at
718-393-1104 or  <mailto:libraryofsocialscience at earthlink.net>
libraryofsocialscience at earthlink.net
Richard Koenigsberg has authored numerous books and papers on the psychology
of war and genocide, Hitler and the Holocaust, and has lectured extensively
on these topics. 
He recently was keynote speaker at HOLOCAUST EDUCATION WEEK, the largest
Holocaust event in the world. For a description (and photo) of his
presentation, please visit: 
Presently he is Editor of a Special Issue of the journal PEACE REVIEW on
"The Psychological Interpretation of War."


To read Richard Koenigsberg's paper, DYING FOR ONE'S COUNTRY: The Logic of
War and Genocide

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