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yes, synaesthesia...

Barthes and Cixous also write about it and I am trying to find it
in ATP, but yes, in WIP...


Not as a literary device but as a neurological syndrome.
A physical sensation
(as opposed to a poetic notion of transcending one sense into another),
as it inscribes bodily sensation preceding ideation
and somehow redefining [the value of sensory perception
in(open-ended)]  "know-ledge".

So called 'epistemology' might be why one cannot practice philosphy
at the same time that one engages in any poetic process.
One is a distillation, and the other, more akin to drowning.
Which is why we are distinctly divided into two
and have to shout across the great divide of 'theory speak'.

Crashing bricks.

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It's late and my body is semi-hibernating. But i thought so: not really
tell what i thought tell you today to the deleuzians.
But just make you notice with me

hey, there's only 5 member of this list who went to magnify the image on
the blog site i sent link about, yesterday it was. howdy? it's
interesting if deleuzian can leave a message, i did this image with this
group in my mind. it's not classy enough for you that? mmh, i wish
kindly you could give me a feedback, even negative, i don't care. please
do so if your body is active.

Joan, I havn't seen your letter, because I am too passive, will do
later. It's about Synethesia? Is that?

Was a bit in touch with Synesthesia, because today there was video clips
about it, and dg talk about it in WIP? And also the expo: in December i
took a car to paris and went to see an expo in Pompidou "Sons &
Lumières. it was one such a good expo. It started with Beaudelaire, on
the basis of "correspondances" (see amaz lin,kkie:
) or info but i don't know. it was so good. there was Klee Kandinsky, it
was the end of romantic, and start of researsh, after Baudelaire,, on
Synesthesy. you could know all this, but this expo was also showing
LaMonteYoung, Dream Machine, everything where image and sound were
confronted, and it appeared at one moment these artist inspired the dvd
technology, lot's of scientific, technical things were very deep to me.
Cage, lot's lot's all 20th century art seen from a point of view, Viola
Paik, etc, i had never had on it before. and, it made me move, do things
and thinks i wouldn't have otherly i had seen all this, and it also made
me see people how they related to these chefdoeuvre, et , that was the
most interesting thing in paris. i have the book, and for the movie i am
writing a movie with characters, did you know? well, eh ben, c'est
intéressant, this makes me think more then deleuze, my own thinking. was
this subject of your article, i will check tomorrow


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