[D-G] new psychologies in lit. crit

Lucy LeGentilSinge lucy100millionyearsold at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Mar 6 10:19:22 PST 2005

 lane of "three different realms of space
which encircle any statement. First of all there is
COLLATERAL space ... formed from other statements that
are part of the same group" (4-5). "The second area is
that of CORRELATIVE space ... with its subjects,
objects and concepts" (6). "This still leaves the
third, extrinsic, realm of space: the COMPLEMENTARY
space of non-discursive formations" (9).

Oh this is interesting for our group back there in
Zagreb. We are not yet in Italy, we have had good time
in Niza with our friends, Chris, and Liza is
"encantada" on the Anglish Prom. It has been snowing
though, here.  You can see pics on the net for example
of Niza, but you have to seek for it, I must hurry
now. Sorry ;( Nice Matisse and DH Lawrence went with
Frieda near from here. He got the tb did you know?

This kinda answers Syd's email on replicatibility and
crumblyness of the outlook in the event  (it's
possible lack of exo-consistency would say DG, I
bet!). But yet, mmh, I am not 100percent sure of the 
complementaryness in this statement: is that of Mark's
or Deleuze's quote? It's this a good way of telling my

Kind Intelligent (Frenchi)Regards

Lucy & Liza

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