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Sat Mar 5 20:07:46 PST 2005

Dear Dark Matter.

Have you :
Accelerated the Universe .? Dangerous Games.... Tss
TTsss for now our Universe have sio found Michiu Kaku
 Exploding Might be, or 
 it could well reach below the Zero Absolute Kelvin 0.
Panicking the scientists ask for gov. help in building
laser beams across the solar-system (dated 2012,--
around the sun). But scientists don't trust their
governments.. Help: by Fleeing to Other Universe,
using Wormholes, and Negative Energy. (beautiful
climax of the article, i let you even read hop:)I send
probes there (beautiful) "next, these robots probes
would create huge biotechnology laboratories." (once
arrived in parallel universe of 11dns) :
"An advanced civilisation which has colonized the
galaxy may have stumbbled during it's past
explorations upon exotic, primordial left-overs from
the big bang. The original expansion is so rapid and
explosive that even tiny wormholes might remain as
testimonies , streched, blown up, in to macro-scopic
size ; Wormholes, cosmic strings, [etc] exotic
creatures of physics might be relicts left over by
creation. But if such naturally no found are these
natural gateways towards 11dimensional universes, then
civilisations will have to take more important steps
and to create probes to send itself on it." Kaku
imagines also to "for a dying civilisation trapped in
a freezing universe, this maybe the last hope". Coding
personalities into the Parallel and teleport the
clones of our imaginations, to save our memories

Author of Article Comment:
Just by a degree of one dimension more, Kaku theory
could make us imagine and it could be a schizophrenic
civilisation of type IV in which we could flee. Ill
explain my theory of the negative dimensions tomorrow
i am too fucked up there to carry, hey! Gondo! what
you do there, fuck away from my desk! shit! dirty
animal full of bugs,!he is still loopholing my theory,
I need sleep.I ll speak to you tomorrow. salut les


 Mark 's  dark matter?

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