[D-G] new psychologies in lit. crit

Mark Crosby Crosby_M at rocketmail.com
Wed Mar 2 16:25:43 PST 2005

At some point, Chris, I suddenly realized you were
talking about Samuel Butler and not Judith Butler (I
think !) One text found in a search (at
seekwellness.com) says:
"I don't consider Erewhon or any of the attempts to
create a paradise on earth (by whatever terms) made
famous by the utopian writers to be wellness
communities. There is no utopian community. We must
create our own partial utopias within the non-wellness
oriented communities in which we live".

This strikes me as an apt rejoinder to Grant Kester's
critique of D&G's politics.. Of course, like Guattari
especially, we can try to build utopian communities,
as long as membership is voluntary.. (inherent
variants rather than free variants ?) 

I recall the 'request' of one of my daughter's
Spanish-speaking friends on the phone: "I have a
question to TELL her!" 

And, no, Liza, you don't NEED to run away like Bigfoot
(although you can if you want !) The Bigfoots I had in
mind were those who want to ape Kester's Black
Panthers all over again (not that the Panthers didn't
roar righteously in their own day !)

Good luck, Chris, trying to resurrect the way of all
flesh! Could actually be a fresh tonic in these days
of Victorian resurgence.. 
Mark (clogging off stage left)

On Labov & linguistics, Deleuze's 1986 tribute to
Foucault was helpful. I find unpeeled there the
"triple space of this plinth" (16) - especially the
conceptual plane of "three different realms of space
which encircle any statement. First of all there is
COLLATERAL space ... formed from other statements that
are part of the same group" (4-5). "The second area is
that of CORRELATIVE space ... with its subjects,
objects and concepts" (6). "This still leaves the
third, extrinsic, realm of space: the COMPLEMENTARY
space of non-discursive formations" (9).

--- Chris Chapman <chapman0603 at rogers.com> wrote:
> Mark, JMC,
> Thanks for the help. I'm not saying I know anything
> about Labov just that he was interpreted 
> differently by Bourdieu and D&G.
> The heads-up on Woolf's Flush etc. is welcome. This
> is the problem though; the focus is either micro or
> macro.  I'll work on it. JMC, the UM threads you
> bring up are great, thanks. 
> I'm looking for beginnings of the literary cracks
> between UMan morality and Butler's 'psycho-biology',
> esp on the Butler side. 
> Something tells me I need to have been sitting in a
> cold rainy church somewhere in the highlands
> listening to a disgruntled pastor.  
> Chris.
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> Underground Man-->Superman, Goethe, Nietzsche, Shaw
> (_Man and Superman_)
> Underground Man-->Mad Woman in the Attic, Viriginia
> Woolf ("A Room of One's Own"), Edward Albee (_Who's
> Afraid of Virginia Woolf?_) ...
> Underground Man-->Invisible Man, Ralph Ellison
> (_Invisible Man_), Norman Mailer ("White Negro")
> Underground Man<--Victor Hugo(_Les Miserables_)
> JMC 

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