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james spatium at gmail.com
Thu Jun 23 20:17:08 PDT 2005

fateh, marco,

You are of course quite right when you suggest that there are ways of
preventing this kind of annoyance.  I am reacting, perhaps unfairly
and out of place, to what appear to be the death throws of this list. 
The study of D&G is relatively young, and it seems incredible that
there is so little "productive" discussion left.  An no, censorship is
not the answer, of course, but are we really prepared to say "anything
goes"?  How can a line be drawn between experimentation and messiness?


portuguese?  oops.

On 6/23/05, fateh <fateh at thing.net> wrote:
> james,
> modern mail programs can generally be set
> with filters.
> are these not anyway preferable to a central
> gatekeeper editing to one determination of
> readability and worth, on 'behalf' of all?
> f
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