[D-G] How does one know when a 'revolutionary' medium has run itscourse?

joan carol urquhart jcu at execulink.com
Thu Jun 23 15:20:38 PDT 2005

The medium is just a tool.
It's usefulness or relevance always recycles.

I am interested in the how these two men wrote together.
What was that dynamic? And am not sure if anything has been
written about this.

But to respond to your post,
if all it would take is
"the right post to send us shooting along a witch's line".
 why not give it a try and find out.


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The question is how one is to determine whether a medium can still be
considered revolutionary or not. Is it possible for a revolutionary artform
to no longer be able to produce interesting thoughts.

I speak here of two examples. If one looks at Jazz (and ignores Adorno's sad
attempt to understand/defeat it) one can see the revolutionary importance it
played, in music but also literature (the beats) etc. But it is difficult to
see how Jazz can still play this role, especially given its own popularity
and the lack of inspiring acts. So, is it exhausted, is such a thing

The other example is our own list. I have been a member for a while and have
seen the floods and the famines. It seems now that this list has run its
course and is exhausted, or even dead. And while we may say that there is a
real lack of interest it is also true everytime something gets started it is
quickly shot down by the non-sense that floods the list (Although I am
impressed that we a monkey and a galactic bounty hunter participating, it
does not make the interventions any easier). Is this list exhausted or dead?
Is it simply waiting for the right post to send us "shooting along a witch's
line"? Can a form be brought back from the edge of obscurity?

This question is larger than my interest in Jazz and our interest in this
list. It is a political question that the left is coming to grips with and
that this list has now to ask itself.


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