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"The suicide bomber bears witness to his love of God by performing violent,
sacrificial acts. The terrorist compels the "other" to replicate his own
abject stance. Acts of terror are undertaken according to the logic: As I am
compelled to sacrifice my life, so you too shall submit to my God and become
a sacrificial victim." 

>From Richard Koenigsberg's "Position Paper" to be discussed at the On-Line
Symposium, June 13-23 (to register please see below). 


On-Line Symposium on Terrorism and Religious Violence 

The "Symposium on Religious Fundamentalism" is attracting world-wide
attention as the site of an exciting, generative conversation on the
relationship between religion, ideology and political violence. 

We invite you to join this online Symposium featuring some of our most
original and creative scholars. The Forum is sponsored by the award-winning
PsyBC, recognized as the premiere organization using the Internet to offer
online education for scholars and professionals. 

The Symposium is a panel discussion. When you register for the Symposium,
you gain access to the forum, where the conversation unfolds. Panelists and
attendees participate by posting comments and questions in response to a
position paper. The next session will take place June 13-June 23. Please
register as soon as possible to hold your place. 

 <https://psychfundamentalism.com/> To learn more or to register, please


Session #1 

June 13-23: Richard Koenigsberg, Ph. D. is a Social Psychologist, author of
Hitler's Ideology and other books on the psychology of culture and history.
His position paper will explore the relationship between attachment to
"omnipotent" objects and the proclivity toward violence. Why do human beings
identify so deeply with entities such as Gods and nations? Why do threats to
these objects often provoke rage? 

Donald Moss, Ph. D., on the faculty at NYU and author of Hating in the First
Person Plural, will be the lead commentator. Attendees are welcome to enter
the discussion. Or if you wish, you may simply observe the conversation as
it unfolds.

mentalism.com%2F> To learn more or to register, please CLICK HERE.

Session #2 

June 27-July 10: Charles Strozier, Ph. D., is Professor of History, Director
of the Center on Terrorism at John Jay College (CUNY), and author of
Apocalypse: On the Psychology of Fundamentalism in America. His position
paper will focus on Christian Fundamentalism in America, the relationship
between idealism and violence, and the centrality of the concept of "evil"
in contemporary discourse. 

Ana-Maria Rizzuto, M. D. will be the lead commentator on Strozier's paper.
She is the world- renowned authority on the psychology of religion, author
of the classic Birth of the Living God.

mentalism.com%2F> To learn more or to register, please CLICK HERE.


Session #3
July 18-28: James Jones, Ph. D. is Professor of Religion and Psychology at
Rutgers University, author of numerous books, lecturer in Psychiatry and
Religion at Union Theological Seminary and visiting Professor at the
University of Uppsala in Sweden, from which he received an honorary
doctorate. He will address the question of the specific circumstances
(psychological and cultural) that cause the religious fundamentalist's
beliefs to spill over into violent societal acts. 

Dan Hill, Ph. D., psychologist and the founder/director of PsyBC, will be
the lead commentator on James Jones' position paper.

mentalism.com%2F> To learn more or to register, please CLICK HERE.


You don't have to be at your computer at any special time. You can log in to
the Symposium whenever you wish at any computer with access to the Internet.
You will find the entire proceedings, including everything that has
transpired since the last time that you logged in. All discussions are
available at all times for attendees. If you can't attend at a particular
time, the discussions will be available for you to read at any subsequent

You may register for any ONE of the sessions, or for the entire Symposium. 

We hope you will join us at this exciting, on-line event. 

With best regards,
Orion Anderson 

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