[D-G] after blaming, praising, and thus Calling even

Liza Kozner liza_kozner at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jun 1 20:58:10 PDT 2005

Calling for RIMBAUD (official claim on DG by nature of
my disciplinearity of sortsà)

   Arthur Rimbaud,

  Inspire me courses in OsychoCinenanalysis in

Let Arthurs R albatros smiles from
the bulb in the clouds
and unleash the face of Rimbaud through his love sent
to me I am abidibng kneeling inside of his smiles from
high in the sky
the bird
prey for sending mouse lazer
Rimbaud i prey it leased towards Rimbaud or his is not
a decoy
we can onward send fountains of crimson pulsars to his
smiling triumphant smiles. While he's on Eatrth, it's
so sexy the idea?

connect with it?
Albatros is a genius of the sky
he planes well his voyages in the iced airs up there.

I must stop/
Immediately this occupation and park my Boeing, next
to Deleuze once again.

We need to read.

Regds Folks on DG

Clifford oops I have not yet crossed my mind wat do
you do this summer, clacked the caterpillar thin
moustaches on the smoking of Clifford D.

Raqulette de fromage Bureau Gesine?

Land! Land!

Moussaillon, Land on sight!

Experiment in its last phase, end of connection.
starts connection with doom art.

 Calling For Rimbaud

ici! Here, on the other side of th Ocean, NY is there
to receive the flup flap and vaniçty of her beauty.

Narcicics then comply about the colourqs of the eyes
smiles. colour perles thread cascade in currebnt
around DG dead List near neck & while this so is, like
there is so like, this like, there is light.

Flup Flop Albatros sung by Clifford Duffy flying like
a rocket above your head!


Fili ta meilleure cope
tu dors? fais comment, fais froid? ici chuis belge,
une conne.

Hé Clifford, je suis avec elle, What are you doing in
this landscape she doesnot knot want to go in Alaska
I am her friend, the stranger is my cousin: voyd of interest?

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