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Wed Jun 1 05:23:56 PDT 2005

Hullo John

Don't think about doingas you want of the Deleuze
List, OK?
In case you dislike Fili's Elaboration you're out of
I am not a disciple of DG, but I know everything they
have said, I am standing for their words as against
Accademic Forums.
Knoting around NOTHING, is precisely this: to be not.
Chosing hAMLET AGAINST nietsche

--- john writer <johnwriter at mac.com> wrote:
> Lucy wrote:
> > If you enjoy debates about DG and
> > aswell enjoy DG, you should know by now about
> > something is stuck wrong deep with you. if you
> feel
> > enough conscious to be open and ask if you were
> not
> > the one wrong, Correct it this way:  Deleuze
> himself
> > would have said influence of Modern Contemporary
> art
> > on Thinking, or theory practice, is coming from
> > outside or away than their own Deleuzian thought.
> Dare I say you may have caught me in the
> "deep"...and "wrong" it may  
> be, but I am interested in your "correction" of my
> deep. You as one  
> who speaks from the inner voice of Deleuze, a
> disciple of sorts, cite  
> the way as being "away" from the thought of Deleuze.
> The doctors cure  
> is not to listen to the doctor but to oneself, or
> more properly said  
> that liminal place that you describe as "from or not
> from" -- to  
> find  "what to connect with" hopefully with
> inspiration. This is a  
> very Socratic but I question how helpful a response
> to my initial  
> question "does anyone know of a D-G reading group."
> > like to talk about and knot, anchor around
> > things and do intereactive readings
> > What could be interesting is to knot reading of DG
> > around nothing.
> A knot does not always signify "nothing" but can be
> as "not" or  
> "nothing."
> But what do you mean by "nothing?"
> >> This list is dead since 2003
> >> for example.
> >
> Do you mean a "passive" nothing like hanging around
> the neck of a  
> dead list?  I don't think so. I suggest you leave
> the dead to bury  
> the dead. (Socrates and Christ)
> Anti-Christ I am left.
> John
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