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Mon Jan 3 08:09:33 PST 2005

I think it will be interesting when the 'real ' biography of Deleuze is published. It willbe interesting to see 'about ' his relations with other writers and thinkers, like Pierre Klossoswki for instance. Or Maurice Blanchot, but especially Klossowski who  was the 'biblio-maniac' of his generation. Painter, thinker, writer of novels, film-maker, translator. Or Deleuze's relations with Guattari will also be interesting to read about, and other things. I find the lines of inquiry about sexual identity in A/O continued into M/P with great bravado and success. we are not one sex, but a 'thousand tiny ones' tiny because sex is molecular and not punctuated by the molar giganticism of the paranoiac reactionary unconscious.

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