[D-G] new psychologies in lit. crit

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Mark, JMC,

Thanks for the help. I'm not saying I know anything about Labov just that he
was interpreted differently by Bourdieu and D&G.

The heads-up on Woolf's Flush etc. is welcome. This is the problem though;
the focus is either micro or macro.  I'll work on it. JMC, the UM threads
you bring up are great, thanks. 

I'm looking for beginnings of the literary cracks between UMan morality and
Butler's 'psycho-biology', esp on the Butler side. 

Something tells me I need to have been sitting in a cold rainy church
somewhere in the highlands listening to a disgruntled pastor.  


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Underground Man-->Superman, Goethe, Nietzsche, Shaw (_Man and Superman_)

Underground Man-->Mad Woman in the Attic, Viriginia Woolf ("A Room of One's 
Own"), Edward Albee (_Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?_) ...

Underground Man-->Invisible Man, Ralph Ellison (_Invisible Man_), Norman 
Mailer ("White Negro")

Underground Man<--Victor Hugo(_Les Miserables_)

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