[D-G] Cascading Cultural Capital Style Sheets

Mark Crosby Crosby_M at rocketmail.com
Mon Feb 28 13:13:46 PST 2005

--- Sylvie Ruelle <sylvieruelle at earthlink.net> wrote:
> lucy,
> i think the text is false but related to your
> discussion with chris. deleuze does talk about
> minorities, whereas this "don't go with the flow"
> text say's he does not. deleuze and guattari, for
> example, speak of black panthers...

When I mentioned cartoons and comic strips to Sid I
wasn't thinking of the sort of caricature that Grant
Kester draws of Deleuze and Guattari at
What a bordelloan Deleuze in drag! Beautiful souls,
"monadic subjects", "treating the artist as an ideal
being" with elite access to the "cosmic memory", "a
kind of universalized bohemianism" that is somehow
ONLY "determined by internal rather than external
differentiation... sealed from discursive interaction
with the external world"!

"this mode of being", Kester says, referring to the
body without organs, "is offered as something yet to
be achieved. It does not currently exist, except in
fragmented and dispersed forms (as in art-making or
schizophrenia, for example)". Oh, well, of course
THOSE don't count! 

Poor Deleuze, "He is left with the problem of how his
monadic subjects might communicate or form political
or social alliances" given that "aesthetic force ...
can only operate in rare moments of spontaneous
political action, effectively excluding and
marginalizing many forms of resistance that have made
political change possible in the past" -- like the
Black Panthers, I suppose.. 

Final panel: Bigfoots rush into the rain forest
beating their breasts and singing, "Some of us are
prisoners and some of us are guards".. fade to
"Participation must be thought of in a completely
positive way, not on the basis of an eminent gift, but
on the basis of a formal community that allows the
distinction of essences to subsist" (_Expressionism in
Philosophy: Spinoza_ 174)

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