Re: [D-G] Critques & Philo-Artist Adline was a pleasure to be read on Drift-Line this afternoon here in Niza. Thanks!!! §§§

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You seem to do the contrary of Deleuze: your phrases
are extended so they are not displaying any meaning
any more: it's a bit over stylistic but great
esthetically, especially the strange "contrapuntical"
end, you musical poseur! you made me laugh! LOL 
aswell, i humbly think: you should write and think
before writing anything. i am not sure how do you come
up with these chaotic turmoil. i have maybe no boxes
to theorize what you did just a few minutes ago. yet,
I am not sure it's the best prose on Deleuze : Have
you read Zizeck, and Barthes recently. Just pointing
your light somewhere I guess worth looking up now...


 --- adline vanlindenbergh
<bisouxnoursfast at> wrote: 
> I think it was stupid to talk about Samm
> Philosophers to protect the
> creativity of unknown Artists for none artists on
> this list exist.
> Deleuze was an autist as to what concerns the
> existence of Artists.
> Artists say they want to be protected by
> Philosophers, and so they
> beleive they should say Artists are not existing for
> Deleuze. Let me now
> prove how much false they could be, according to me
> at least, if I am
> still signifying as a particle something out of a
> chaotic dark matter
> for string theory the impossibility of breathing on
> this list, so many
> Geniuses and lack of People there is here. 
> Look Deleuze, any Faucould or Guattari: they do
> mistakes. They invent a
> way to think that is different. The Great
> Philosophers are not the same
> as the small ones: the Small Philosophers are
> Kafkaïan falling
> stairways: they swarm in a tissue of Molecules, like
> Folders crashing
> under a Spyware Virus, they  use an Expression that
> cannot escape the
> expression: Molar Ideologies. But Deleuze or
> Guattari can afford their
> own thinking to do stairways flying escapes as from
> the definitions
> Ideology have made of their context: Time, Duration,
> are representing
> these Actors. Small Philosophers fall back from
> duration in the Virtual
> of Deleuze and Guattari. Or rather they start
> learning how to Know the
> Ideology. This is their Greateness, but it is a
> relative Greateness, or
> it's neither Great, nor Small. I know like several
> thousand Small
> Philosophers, not because I am Interacting with
> Deleuzian "Small"
> Philosophers. But because I have axioms in me which
> direct my mind to be
> thought by the Great Philosophers. So because I am
> not calling you
> small, don't call me Small in my Art. I am
> Joesephine, amazeing.
> Josephine the mouse, duration. I am thought by
> Deleuze. The insect is
> tasting my ability to climb up the tree. The mouse
> is always in between.
> The insect are not falling on in-betweens. The
> Counterpoints.
> I feel this Deleuzian Gaya Scienza because HE WAS
> Capable to understand
> me. Reversedly: spiders have in their mind a
> signature of their webs:
> miniature portrait of the FLY. I am not in the
> Meta-Phorests. I am
> constructing a Meta-Phorest. I talk like any one. I
> am to be felt: I
> need YOU. not saying I am a falling fly in your web
> of spider. Not
> saying spiders are hoards who created intermingled
> webs. yet, but... But
> in some way Deleuze could feel me, where I am
> locating myself, slowly I
> am starting to feel the idea that a Deleuzian thinks
> about me or people
> like me. My capability is to be felt by Deleuzians
> such as Deleuze
> himself was the First Deleuzian. Spinoza the first
> Spinozist. A Great
> Philosopher starts a Phylum. Guattari invented
> Phylo-Sophy. Come to me
> thus, line on and satisfy my need  or imagine
> Deleuze as He ThinKs me
> untangle his desires to bind me to thinking because
> he would make me
> thinks in his unconcious desires, and so forth.
> Tangent ideas? I guess,
> but why? At this moment there are hopes for me to
> become a Great
> Philosopher, honestly I "think". Deleuze is yet more
> of a PsychoSocial
> than a Conceptual Thinker at these points in my
> experience of lies or of
> thoughts.. He is my movement, my sadness and
> accelarations (terrible
> words here). Hurting, telepathic stomacks. But I am
> not a Philosopher
> because I am ignoring what makes tick the
> Philo-Sopher, so I want you to
> tell me. Telepathic Wires.  think this or that way,
> says the wise appeal
> to various ideas. unknown ideas yet for me. So To
> think differently
> would turn me into an abyssal different FEELING,
> that i need to change,
> I am not normal, I am limited and am just
> approaching dangerously; this,
> or that experience, and i am the only moral factor
> that contribute to
> the Ideology of Philosophers. no one to experience
> me, as I become
> Philo-Sopher, or Great, or Small. it because I am
> that I am that and not
> that!! so as alone, not the slightest shy, not
> solipsist for an ounce, 
> but absurd despite good temperature, a gel, my good
> feelings towards
> Deleuze are schizophrenic, falling out of my sad
> perceptivity of my
> affections: but not enough to be as Great as Deleuze
> in formulation, I
> was for his or for her own friends a Tarentual
> Dancing with You, on the
> Deleuzian Circles: and anchoring myself to the
> Ariadne Thread of reason
> for staying enough honest so as not to stay away
> from Deleuze: I love to
> cuddle, a to know to be a Small Philosopher is a
> thread itself: shame on
> "me", the Great and the Small and the
> indescernablility mist of the
> components:  but It is tempuraly and, andtemporary
> only in that it
> becomes. Or Better: I am not defining myself by
> becoming but by
> identities with Deleuze that vary in a Ariadne
> Thread which links me to
> Him .The Concepts are the figures, the yet fight
> against Cliche which
> the artist had need in Ninetyenth Century (Gaugain
> and Vanghog)but not
> in TwentyOne century that these cliched identities
> dissert, analyse
> reflect as a beam of light a desire of immanence in
> my souls, a Virtual:
> I do not try to self defining my self anymore, I
> lose track of "me" into
> any subjectivised identity, because Deleuze empedes
> the artists in me to
> be created by him. I am refusing to define myself as
> a Cliched.
> According to this, thus: I won't do anything like
> this, I won't imagine
> myself to be escaping a Cliched, because to be
> rocked by Deleuze's
> identities signifyes to vanish from Earth Plane of
> Immanence, if it's
> there?. I am an actuality, a cloud which emerges and
> disappears above
> the slow slopes of the Earth currents, I am slowing
> down: I am Science
> Turbines of Deleuze. or as Michel Serres would put
> it I have "seen" a
> machine: and their Deleuzian spires: actual speeds:
> I am stupid, and I
> am prophesised as the First Artist on Earth to
> understand Deleuze in
> essence, if this word still means something ? The
> artists are not
> Immanence but they now need to be cuddled by stary
> Nights of
> Intercessors who are:
>  The Sun of a Dancing Waltz. and undo Refrains from 
> my Waltz, undo my
>  Mistinguette and my skirt undo my panties and
> Bobette and Bob,
>  Smurflala!!Comics Dutch, Flemish Comedy. VanEyk
> Artaud. Edward Said Lao
>  Tze Deleuze Annee Zero!.
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