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Lucy LeGentilSinge lucy100millionyearsold at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Feb 27 14:24:32 PST 2005

in my way to mark's post on gravity i peal past
chapters and stumbles cross your syd your note on May
it's well and i like the idea of asking
how do you about may68 is there a way to grasp an
event that (it's a secret may68 i talk ) is it still
alive or actualised in memories
do you know if Deleuze or Foucault they thought that
the event was kept in the archives, if it was a
problem for Foucault to redistribute the evnt, like a
tiny molecular revolution as 68 or like Pasteur's
invention to rabia? is there a way by talking the
event can be presented "intact" by the Archiver? ---
sid littlefield <falsedeity at lycos.com> wrote: 
> Chris & Sylvie,
> I think you are both point to what I find as the
> left's problem today. Like Sylvie, I was born well
> beyond the May '68 occurances, but nevertheless, am
> covered with it due to authors that it created or
> spurned forth. I often feel that we get stuck like a
> skipping record in the way we view the world through
> the books we choose to read and the authors we
> choose to quote. But we must begin the turn to our
> own day and see the conditions that call us forth.
> Thanks to James for the post on 'fascism', I, like
> Chris, enjoyed it very much.
> sid
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