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Am Tue, 22 Feb 2005 06:59:50 -0800 schrieb Sylvie Ruelle  
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Hello Sylvie,

i am a little bit puzzeled about your mistrust ib your desires.
Deleuz and Guattari thought the unconciousness as "rousseauistic" (in  
a healthy natural state. Thre only unhealthy desire is that of suppressing
somebody, especially your nearest.
But that, I think, is known through the ages.

Greetings Harald Wenk

> It's interesting to think of a world where everyone does what they  
> desire...
> I wonder what it would be like...
> I mean, if i could do what i "desire", in the way that i understand it,  
> what would i be doing?...
> It's difficult to say or even think because, one has to have healthy  
> desires (DG), and the state one is in, the ways things are now,
> might not allow that to even be thought.
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