[D-G] Things said and things unsaid

sid littlefield falsedeity at lycos.com
Mon Feb 21 09:08:39 PST 2005

To clear some confusion and ask another question:

My original post, that started a bit action, was not a condemnation of all poetry or creative posts to this list, nor was it an attempt to maintain the "original identity" of this list. It was a particular reaction to "bad poetry." The fact that it has gotten such a response from certain members (some even calling for my removal) strikes me as strange since I did not mention a specific entity that should question their own posts.  This unconscious reaction seems to me to verify my original post. So now that that is cleared up, I have this question:

For a poilitics of the left to not only continue to exist (which it seems to barely be doing at this point) but became viable once again it seems that we should re-think the conditions that we find ourselves within today, and how these conditions differ significantly from the time of the 60's, a time when most of the philosophers that we are drawn to are writing and/or beginning to formulate a thought, or series of thoughts. Is idenity, the signifying language system, and so one, truly what (to use a sort of out of fashion term) oppresses us and, more importantly, the third-, forth- world? I am thinking of this in terms of D & G's use of and understanding of Marx.  Can we not understand Capital today, at the beginning of the 21st century, as already opperating on a level of non-identity/a-signification? Yes, capital must always reterritorialize (the revolution of the means of production feeds the desire that capitalism has promised to fulfill) but what if it no longer opperates under the signs of identity?

So this is my question:
What has changed since the May '68 in terms of our conditions for political thought and action?


"Speed is the elegance of thought, which mocks stupidity, heavy and slow. Intellegence thinks and says the unexpected; it moves with the fly.  A fool is defined by predictability."   Michel Serres
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