[D-G] A new thread finally : Abstraction in Truistic Philosophy: a Call for Singularity

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Sat Feb 19 18:51:54 PST 2005

A Call for Singularity Discourse
To replace the late "Abstraction" of Di-Info Theater of the
Transcendental (Absurd) Discourse of the Idiot

It's possible Liza. It' IS Possible, but not truistical. It's a
mis-direction of the subject towards (subjective-objectivity) truth, but
not an in-jection of truth. While your transcendental subject dis-inform
the "para-kinetic" list with their abstract in-jections, the reality of
Deleuze discourse is remaining damged by Phallocentric aggregates as you
(mis)in-form their exo-referent co-ordinates. 

For example :

When we talk together, as we do on such lists, there are no materiality
to the signs we use to empower attributions of the words of orders. This
code is Nature use of codes free will to power, is just an example of
codes power to create despotic territorialities and lust. It's just a
lust, a materiality, it's not an ethical incorporeal event({d]uality).
You are not modifying the list's experience of it's strechable to the
limit of it's structure, you are joining it's hyperstructure and
aggressive methodology for expression of words of orders, control is not
facsism, it is a new un-stratifaction if you want a new word, an
existing collage of minor destratifications. Control is de-stretchable
gymnastic (agonic ethos of philo-sophy). This is not new for it could
trace the line of language inside the body of metaphysics in order to
re-do it's LOGOS inside Absolute Abstraction. Hybris of The ONE in
Parmenide. and Syd could apply to you the same generalisations of his
expressions attributed to the "monkey" - and the "labs" as, and
self-rightuously said by me your servant, your domestic, pseudo or true
experimentations of slave to master Lucy relationship (beware of dormant
re-territorialisations any time you hear dialective re-surfacing the
ACTIVE REACTIVE Anti-Constructivism No that's not what I mean, let me
give myself a second. I am an Idiot says VerlaineLeFou. I am just not a
poet says Kane Faucher. Re-activation the past for abstractive
presupposed ideologies to re-surface. Di-S-Informative Truth. Lack of
Will to Construct. You would be surprised to know that I don't like your
ideas as much as Syd's. Syd's ideas are actually not di-formations of
previous in-formations, They are, and are part of this world. We have
not to like or dislike them. Grass. China. Rhizomes. Let them grow. and
his call of the New, as a Transcendental Category of the HYPER-Mind in
the Abortive Schizophrenya of the Good  echoes I am hearing in them
previous thoughts of other lists, like the one of Bryant Levy for
example, or the one of Jean Luc Godard in Le Mepris, BUT also are
OF COMPOSITE MATERIALITY implicated inside a serie of uncorporal events
differenciating Philosophy inside our para-the infra-code (Artaud). And
the Deleuze word is "deterritorialise deterritorialise, the more
detterritorialises, deterritorialises something, I don't remember. and
codes decodes I think. Leibniz incompossible and Spinoza's essence are
contemporaneous to Hume Habit and Kant's Critique of it. Plane of
Immanence. Year Zero, Year Epsilon. Singularities . Dates. Words. Hypo
and Hule.

Adline Vanlindenbergh
On Sun, 20 Feb 2005 02:16:23 +0000 (GMT), "Liza Kozner"
<liza_kozner at yahoo.co.uk> said:
> Dear Adline,
> I think it's high time this list re-thinks itself on the basis of Deleuze
> idea that the detteritorialised detteritorialises on the more
> deterritorialised. The more coding we give to the list, the more it
> de-codes. The codes GO ELSWHERE, if you want. For example my injection of
> sense here, calls for in-jections of OTHER sense (de-codage), radical
> de-stratifications that swarm on other places than the actual materiality
> of the codes.
> adline vanlindenbergh <bisouxnoursfast at fastmail.fm> wrote:
> Members,
> The last e-mails of Gondo are definitely funny. I cannot deny this. At
> first I thought it was one and the same person who was writing under two
> pseudos. I think it's sad no one likes to admit they are fun, I like
> them or at least I am starting to enjoy this list. LOL. All this is
> innocent and full of becomings and Syd cannot admit it because he wants
> this list to be so academic whatver the misproper use of the word
> "academic".
> In spite of the fact
> I liked also one of Liza Kozner's first mail, I am thinking about the
> one on the protection of Artists, but I am unhappy she said personal
> ideas on philosopher Gilles Deleuze, and then de-s-informed the
> philosopher's new list. Thanks G-D she admitted something at the end,
> about herself and he relation to information and communication: she told
> us the ACDC band was the true artist who produced the work "Turtles". I
> am sure this is true. Richard Pinhas could not have done it because I am
> working with him on the Web. I am wondering yet if Deleuze would have
> liked to know artists as Lucy Strawkhassler could vamp his theories for
> fashist purposes? The bad artist Lucy is a schizophrenic philosopher,
> and is just an other idiot like we see in the street. He should moderate
> a bit. And Gondo, have you heard the story about the apple and Adam?
> Who is Liza for you. Keep up the good work.
> Adline Vanlindenbergh
> bisouxnoux-nours
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