[D-G] What is the difference between a schizo and a bad poet?

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Is Harry Frankfurt related to Harald Wenk?

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Sorry, Sid, too harsh! Imagine having a chimpanzee in
your classroom! Yes, better to send em out to blog on
the hall walls so the discussion can stay on course..
"How is the philosopher to suppose to make the move
from literature to philosophy?" Maybe through cartoons
and comic strips?  Harry Frankfurt describes the "bull
session" this way:

"The characteristic topics of a bull session have to
do with very personal and emotion-lade aspects of life
... the participants try out various thoughts and
attitudes in order to see how it feels to hear
themselves saying such things and in order to discover
how others respond, without it being assumed that they
are committed to what they say ... The main point is
to make possible a high level of candor of an
experimental or adventuresome approach to the subjects
under discussion... The purpose of the conversation is
not to communicate beliefs [or describe "how things
really are"] The statements made in a bull session
differ from bullshit in that there is no pretense that
this connection is being sustained".

Mostly intent here to thank Clifford for that photo of
"Deleuze happy, smiling, thoughtful, a cigarette -- To
have done with the judgement of God"!
(had not seen that one before !)

And to Liza Kozner, since you insist on demanding
whether Gondo -Minnie "knows Deleuze", do YOU know
Felix Guattari? This IS a deleuze-guattari list, 
after all.. it really would be a wonderful experiment
(and a certain sort of therapy ;) to provide (suitably
iconized) cellphone / photoblog service to chimps in
the wild -- somewhat like Zana Briski's _Born Into
Brothels: Calcutta's Red Light Kids_ (with cameras --
imagine what they could do with Danger's HipTop^2 ;)
which opens here today.. 

Peace ^!^ (fly for a while)

--- Mark Crosby <Crosby_M at rocketmail.com> wrote:
> --- sid littlefield <falsedeity at lycos.com> wrote:
> > A "discussion group" born out of what could be
> > said to be good intentions forced into to dormancy
> > by a flood of bad poets, only to come back again
> > and begin something interesting and then the
> > smothering begins again.
> Dear Sid, how is there a smothering? This is an
> email list, which is not equivalent to a discussion
> group. Are you unfamiliar with mailing lists that
> allow multiple threads to take place at the same
> time? Now, if someone were to intrude upon YOUR
> thread of discussion and mark it with 'graffiti',
> that would indeed be a smothering. Who is guilty of
> that here?  [guilty as charged ;]
> > What is the difference between a creative moment
> > and a waste of everyones time? What is the 
> > difference between these idiotic posts and the
> > spam that I have to delete to get to them?
> On a pluralistic email list of any size one soon
> learns not only which discussions but which
> participants one cares to read. You say something
> later about getting a blog. I would say something
> now about getting a web browser so that you can skim
> the archives at
> and decide which posts you wish to peruse. In
> addition, get an email system that allows you to do
> the same so that you do not have to read posts from
> participants you do not care to read. This, or
> filters, is the answer to spam. I count 25
> I-Love-Lucy posts and 12 complaints - approaching a
> poor signal-to-noise ratio which I am,
> increasing with this message..
> There is an interesting essay by Harry Frankfurt
> entitled "On Bullshit", recently made available at
> http://www.jelks.nu/misc/articles/bs.html
> I suggest that your rhetoric meets the criteria
> because the issue is not spam but identity politics.
> I can only conclude that you are really interested
> preserving the political correctness of this list
> for academic purposes from what you consider 
> "bad taste".
> Unlike you (see
> ) I reserve the word 'fascist' for advocates of
> "severe economic and social regimentation and
> forcible suppression of opposition" and use the term
> 'puritanical' for what I see intruding here: a
> "becoming-majoritarian" that, I hope, will not
> become "obsessional".
> Thanks, Mark (Crosby -- not the same person as Lucy,
> for any other identity politicians who may be
> wondering ;(

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