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Fascism you do say so, that for the post I had sent
were fascist, from fascere, mussolini's italian,
saying "to do", the doctrine of those who do". -
[undertstand, those who do fascism in 1926 or so in
Italy, those who are enough void of ideas so as not
thinking to do other things (Nietzsche talked recently
in a book about the majority of his peer who had but
five or six ideas by day, it's funny no?) ]-

That's the idea of the brain: as I notice that there
is a majority of ideas in me, that an Empire of Ideas
is me actually, I am fearing to be a fascist, and it's
thus natural to you noting your same fear concerning
me, for fascism is something that you fear apparently
for personal reasons. Thus it could be helping me to
at least help you and explain to you how I will try to
fight this Empirium of Ideas that I have, and how
nobody could compare me with a concentration guard in
a  mirador. This is what asked Tony Blair to his Mayor
of London after the later told the former to a jew a
journalist that he had read some paper criticizing him
, he our friend Tony thought this was anti-semitic and
Mayor had to apologize. He did not but that's not
bringing us back to fashism but just to the lack of
theorization of the fashism that threatens thinking
everytimes any idea appears to flow and process to the
spirit. Well, I think that Foucault have said the
thing we should do, we should clean the mind of any
micro-molecular fashism that exists and is spreading
to it like bacterias, and make a siege upon it's
natural freedom. My personal relation to Foucault's
idea as the one he explained on Prologos of
Anti-Oedipus, is to develop a sense of touch which can
by distance "track" the envelop of ideas. it's by the
envelope thtat links fashist ideas together that we
molarly become fashists.
So by touching, in a distance, and learning to
perceive what is this or that kind of fashist
molecularity embedding an idea, before it conjugates
with other kinds of fashist, unadequate ideas (Spinoza
differentiated exactly in the same purpose of fighting
the mind's demons severing (wo)man from desire
(Deleuze) and freedom (Sartre), why not this quote of
abstract machines indeed here, seems non-sensical and
false, but it's a -cleaned- enveloppe yet (Woolf),
okay and next when we have decided what is fashist and
what is not fashist anymore, we can gain more Empire,
(not more Bush and Rice, but more Empire (Negri),
Empire upon ourself at least, cynycally said or not.
Anyway multitudes are things which affects one an
other, as eternal essence. Fashism is just a lack, a
depression, which has unfortunately caused life of
innocents persons, billions of them, may-be it's
talked about in religious books as a destruction of
Life. Please do not abuse politics, and macro-politics
in such a debate where it's people who DO things, be
them actually, according to politic of identity,
Scientifics, or False Scholars, or Kantian
De-sinterested beings. Yet, do I not destroy the life
of the list by ignoring some contributions, and not
understanding exactly what is your aim. The merit is
to recognize I do not know your thesis, my merit is
that since the start I am asking people to clarify so
that we understand each other what we do. It's one of
the best way to prevent fashism, and fashism on the
internet, to ever exist. It's to know each other. At
the moment it's "peers" who have five or six ideas a
day and who think in the deepest parts of their minds
that they are future Philosopher. What can assure
their certainty? A desire to look at the religious
texts and fear the destruction that the enveloppe of
the idea they receive and produce can bring to the
Cosmos. Accusing and doing Identity Politic is not the
right way.

Lucy Strawkhassler
Co-Ordinator at the Institute of Contemporaneous
Sciences of Control
Lab2 Gondo vanished in the woods, she is alone in the
darkness? I am worried.

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