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A Quick Note about Self Discovery

(An E-mail Essay in the form of a Book)



A.Sometimes the an-historical events are so confuse
that one needs to write an e-mail that is so similar
to a book that we can call one to recognize the
plausability that it is, in effect, a book, that what
one holds in her hands or in it's monitor. Here, in
the ontological institute we have discovered new
patters of which we are sure it is a matter of a vital
importsance that we could have the happynes to share
it with you, even if it would reach you in the
undecent way of an e-mail. 

B.Let me thus introduce you to myself as I am somewhat
disposed to comment a bit about a few of the notions
which babble in my mind since a few years in a new way
. My name is Lucy, I am an expert in the New Museum
for Birds which Budapest has recently built for the
definition of kinetic studyes of Control as cybernetic
eratic (statistically chaotic) system. These are my

1. Introduction.

It is perhaps time to consider Guattari's text in an
original contextuality. Time has elapsed since he
published his last call to collective undertaking of
the "Aesthetical Paradigm" towards readership of
Philosophy, as Deleuzian Studies dispatched broadly
around the horizontal hemispheric Welt (scientifical
approach by h y p e r - l i n e a r i t y)
(mondialising) Accademia testifies-- (Deleuze and
Guattari)) themselves constituting controlled
citizen-subjectivities and/or self-actualising beings
I think one other step in the Expressive Form of
arrangments of power deeply stuck within the
body-event of Control Societies as they appear to our
Accademic narcissic Eyes(Antropocentric)in the early
years of the XXIst Century of our Mankind neo-despotic
"specie"). A gradus in the flux of of D E T E R R I T
O RR I A l I S A T I O N and hopefully it is something
positive, of course, I agree with this idea but,
honestly, I tell ya my friend, least we undertake
approximative but determinated cross-current
anaylisis, within horizontal hemispheric nodes of
destructive self ab-negativist multiplicities
(anticipating on the bi-univocities which Deleuze and
Guattari have noted as "abstract machine's"
constrained outlook for a conjugating of lines which
the "oppose" (transcode)instead of multiple affirmed
connectivities of flux, this asks us so at least do I
beleive (or desire?)to reinterpret these notions in
term of "HEMISPHERIC short-circuit (french
"court-circuit" IE Quick Search on GOOGLE brings :
"2.3. Essai en court-circuit : bas. ... copie d'écran
: en court circuit. téchargement
téléchargement du fichier initial " vierge " (version
Windows)". Coincidences. Hasard, discovery of Chaos
within Search Engines thru help of Short Circuit.
Which brings forward the deeper meaning of Self within
the Chaos of Search Engines Production: Is Google
Search Engines various Regime of Signs testifying for
hidden formation of powers (virtual? which is one
tangible answer to the  question of the emergeance of
signs within the fabric of evaluations) for which one
stands confronted to the deficit of paradoxal lack of
communication, or it's impossibility in emergeance,
and it's issues and dead-end freeways of informations
of the Guattarian Subject being encompassed (but
hopefully not yet fully exhausted by his peer
Deleuze's notes on Maurice Blanchot (L'ami Thomas),
Peguy (Notre-Dame de Chartre)and perhaps even if he
was cheating (like in sheeta le singe) Luis Borges
(Fictions) just to mention a few authors of the XXth
Century that we love and of which G.Deleuze was one of
the most founded and interesting (to our
opinion)partial observer, or inhabitant of
spaced-times in desarticulated but intensifying

2. A New Discovery of the Self

Self Discovery is implicit in Philosophical Modes of
Life (ZEN-ethical Humour is part of it, always, and
events are like substracted Selfhood. 2 phase of the
concept: Discovery of Gilles Deleuze and Felix
Guattari. Manifestation of techical evidences. Does
invention and construction of deconstructability of
the Self (Derrida), align or lands off rather to the
Lands of Intensifying Synchronicity of the Concept as
What is Philosophy? cartographised to us it's 
Territoriality while in the (it's?) making, while they
also refigured out in the discontinuous production of
philosophical Thoughts the eternal return as the
scattered swarming of swarming FOR ITSELF? it's
Movement which goes along the movement of Philosophy
ITSELF oN ITSELF? for itself also somehow I might say
because the event is not worthy of the
Deconstructivised Self (the (arrogant)non-grata
personna of the Immanence Field, like we speak of Oil
or Gas field underseas in the Black Sea precisely here
in Budapest. (Athena and Poseidon coupling is an other
of the example this time it was in Greece, short
circuit again here!

Self being (re-)Discovered. Destratification of the
possible in the Modernity that always gives us back 
in a human gestus , a hand's touch, instead than a
fossilised bone, the fabric of our body, the second
articulation of the Cantus Morbid, where Faustus
interconnects logically (the point where style and
rhetoric maneuvers turn out resolutely towards the
reverse of modernist current stylus
ideological-pragmatist words.

Self Discovery, the momentary lack of Pseudepigraphy
of Deleuze and Guattari reminds one of the lack of
territoriality in Modern Science after Niels Bohr
essays of counter-theoretical (1*926)
instrumentisation of his mind, thus, in those very
SAME lines, merge resolutely to self epigraphy of A
Thousand Plateaus, and reaches a kind of fiction of
the Self, but where fiction means constructivism, and
constructivism DELIBERATIVELY testifies or acertain if
you want to use that word now, for yes, for
auto-movement of the qualitative expressiologism , the
selective pressure of the an-historic frontline in the
poly-gendric de-sexualised patterns of the diagonal
channels (Hemisphere) . and critical attitude towards
ANY KIND OF Significating Mode of the hyperlinearity.

3.SELF-as Intercourse in Itself of the Discovering

Sadness complexifies. Happiness is located now at the
time we "communicate" here but only so far as it
seems, as, as a difficult passage, we are here here
defined  in the Labyrinth of Atomic Age (indicated, or
indexed by monographical diagrammatics as our Old
Insect Age, hence constant references to the new
Edgard Varese and the new Wagner (bello canto
Piranese, happyness impercptible to the red ants,
surlinearity in Andre Breton Nadja) who is Gilles and
Felix of the fourth degree if not deterritorialised by
Ciercones in the Fifth Degree of the
Deterritorialising ZEN-Attitude(Pour qui elle se prend

or any remaining kind any what so fucking ever remote
degree in the Hemisphere of the Neuronal System 
(three chaoids and opinion and logic constitute a
whole, not a permanent stabilistic sheme in the sense
Hegel constructed a Dialectic, in the form of
proposals) (Noology becomes restructured suddenly alas
here again, but this is only so far we drive our
engine or tools of thoughts towards our hypostasis
(the Self Defining Deconstruction of its Discovery)
only one more Schizophrenisation was lacking for the
Noo-Cartography of our power to think, , a Neon Book
of the Neo-Cons (hyper-wanking) Ideology so to speak
for good (eternal return of the Same as the Different
reterritorialised in the precontextualised context of
-your (modernity)- not our's, because the selective
retteritorialisation in the segments when they
bi-univocise the matter-function of our apprehension
of modernity of the object of History imply always  a
preemptive ZEN-constrction not, and reprocessed here
eternaly a de/differenc/t/iated structurivation of the
molarity in LOS way of phrasing the sense we talk
about (as expressed) of THE Modernity a.k.a and alas
Nietzsceanity (Lacan would have liked our conclusion
here I guess) of the Modernity of the statement of
implication and continuous deplication of the
Different-Sameness in the Different(/)Sameness (where
we find back the Routledge edition 1985 of Althusser
Notion of (/) indexed on the Construction of DR
(Gilles Deleuze 1969 P.U.F. traduction ours, italik
Gilles Deleuze's) "Concept as paradigmatic" that is to
say of course in the neighbourhood strcture building
rhethroic of XXAccademical mondialised formation of
stratifying  century along towards I think XX2 and
XX3third centuries, modern and /or /also /but /also
collective statements as they imply a nodal break in
the deterritorialisation of territorialities of
Accademic as constituing Expressive Formations and
words of order in the Post-Bonapartist Disciplinarity
well know by readers of DG. WillsMacht also, and
Voltaire probably forsaw this genetic hyper-"ality",
or N's Volonte de Puissance au gerondif.
L'optatif-L'aoriste dément demented traduction ours
and   collective BUT (4th) singular person. Dryness,
Feeling fuinctions in the Heidinger Cat's orgasmatic
explosive ideas, (danger for works) Self Discovery as
implied by Impersonalism of the Sameness, as seen in
the Madness and Sameness, Insect Age for ever
constraining the logic of transcendental infra, sub,
molecular components and inderscernabiliity phases in
the neighborhood of the constitution of Ideas. Dignity
of the event, denegative attitude of shock value,
Barthes meeting Herman Kissinger in the eve of the
Christmass War (watergate prehistorical histrionical
babies rough statements, irony of it. Arrogance of
NorthCoreans Generals in 1975-1978. All together along
Jules Smith the underknown comic strips characters
Buck Rogers)

Self Discovery is strictly caused as the dialogical
expression or expressivity of a repressing apparatus
of capture. It is perhaps in the Thirdness that it
appears at its best as Pierce has showed his readers
back in the XXth century. Archaeology of Guattari is
perhaps a stage in the age where it has been returned
against retro-activism and Sameness. 

5.Signifying the Phallus. 

The Phallus is a kind of a fossile , the mouth leaking
teh (phallus as)father's of my short-circuit
breast-milk a fossilised (though transgender)Phallus.
Lucy the female-dude Monkey-Human (the animal at the
Birth of our Cosmical Events) deterritorialised his
Phallus anon by the anectoditcal resurfacing of an
imperative attribution of events across the Deep.
Surface sliding of the floor under our
iced-breast-milk Emotions. 100000 YEARS OLD of cold
attitude melting away as a giant iceberg looming away
from general actualistic media, of milk-sperm-glue
(Guattari) Self Discovered by a sperm-glue Archivist
in you (Foucault). My name is Lucy, I am One million
years old, I am the archeo-ptoeryx, I am probably I
guess the father of Gilles Deleuze-Guattari, flying to
you the predominated, flying to me the
predeterritorialised by collective Phallus Fossil, the
AIDS bird deterritorialised in a reptile, a kaki
military guy in the Phallus kissed then hypostasing
Schizophrenised by a Fossile Phallus 1-2, 1-2 (waltz
and Richard Strauss as a Phantasm) in it's wings,a 
Bird yet Fallen in Disgrace under a Lion with two
tails, a dementialised Tigress made as an enigma by
itself, a reterritorialised as a bird (tripl
becomings)(the perpetual mobile lashing it's claws
towards naked the THEOREMS), and then Lucy capturing
in it's breast the Signifying FlyingFallenPhallus as
the x-box of a(qualitative) non-style FOR MAN, where
style becomes in the Mankinds Postgenetical
destructural Signifiant as it previously started one
billion years to talk to enable definite distance in a
balance a mood in the athmospheric continuum, in the
blindspotting and also let's say it, in the well known
and talked about on this list I am reffering here to
the equalised square of the polyvocity of the root of
the real Signified undeciphered Stylus on a LARGE
white blan,ket territory out of this surlinear
quadriptelical neuropt-Helix language that we share
like tiny Phallus together as it grows erectible in
Epimony. Nous nous reconnaissons toujours (Gilles
Deleuzeè-Claires Parnet 1976).


 Self Discover(y) by realistic
fictivSceince-Fiction-Functions (f(x)) of the
perceptive Signifyer which Holds no signified for ever
(counter argumentation of contradiction of the Same
within the Same). The empty affirmation of the
negative Fossilised (intelligent)Phallus as a
condition for the Erection of the Thridness of XY
Chromo-Somes (transcoding XX century chromosome after
XX2 century was pronosticated in the mind of the
content, the content, the chain of passion and action
transdeciphering the pronostics as a terrifying
unfolding of the future of it's chromosomes in the
expression deterritorialisating its substance) but
also , and more seriously, a Discovery Pleasure
f(x)(East-West channels) Discourse of the invaginating
Self--on/off, and the erctible Phallus of my
Artemisian Erectheion, the carbo-hydrogenised 114
fossile of the Phallocentrical concentrate of Lucy's
ancestors rediscovered, dig?. the XY chromosomes of
the Phallus Discourse.dig? The Signifiant-Discourse
dig? it is caught as the Universal segment of the code
where the accuracte determination of Bi-univocal
inn-between meets the segments out of the Phallus
-Discourse Pleasure (Critic and Clinical referrence to
WXitman in the Clinique)!! Homo Happyly, signifiant
frr frr signifying illusively Lucy as a Deconstructed
Self, but also a the Homo Habilis laughing in Beat.(!)
This Certainly goes not without signified subjected
affirmation to Conservative Thinking pleasure because,
"We Preserve some Strata", Gilles Deleuze Felix
Guattari 1980 Edition de Minuits, collection

Conclusion. (or Felix as the Signifiant for Gilles).

In the age where books need to be done short and
without mercy "executed" as i am F. Nietzsche could
have said in one of his impertinent "traits d'esprits"
which yet he said he disliked, and where conclusion i
guess needed not to be read, we propose you though
thus not to read indeed the conclusion (because
non-productive humanist low and immediate gentleness,
here matters, more for the absurdity sakes, strangely
enough than even for Gilles sake, which has i guess
effectively become our offcial in duty modernist
control archivist, and perhaps not so strangely for
our off-duty philosopher taking a break out of street
in consumerism of bullshitic electronic attitude and
manierism,  in this lacking conclusion, so as to keep
a "buzzing beatles colony" diagonally in mind the
relativity of truth within the Self-Re-Discovered and
not only as Deconstructed or as Centuries but
Post-Modernist ancestors of Lucy always wanted to show
it we beleive to us.

Lucy STAWNHASSLER coordinator at the 
Budapest, Ontological Institute of Cross-
Contemporaneous coordinative Sciences of the City of
              9th february 2005

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