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Liza Kozner liza_kozner at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Dec 21 15:53:04 PST 2005

i don't know who you talk about when you say many people are thinking we're on the hell plane? something i noticed: i had a car crash and we had to exchange papers of assurance, verzekering, ie. insurance. i thought it uneasy: why do you have to have a wrong driver and the other in her rights? and i had not the right papers with me, so the cop told me they will use a cable and take my car. i said to this girl cop: yeak take the car and fuck away, the cop said what? what did you say, i will have to ask your id sir. i said it's human to say such things and it was not necessary she should ask my id because i said she should fuck away. but what i noticed i s how once the barrier of politness has been broken, you can see how emotive people are or get back to show their inner world. she said to another cop friend of hers: i am so gentle why should he swear like this to me. you see, maybe its true and people have very different modes of existence after all. and maybe people like Dick Cheney
 might well turn out to believe he is in the hell plane, even if for politeness sake he sais that he act for Christ. i am totally outside of this religious concerns, but maybe it is important to know that they have these kind of notions that hell is on earth or some crazy ideas, and well the majority only has one or two ideas perdays, because their brains have been caught and eaten and consumed at birth. sometimes we exchange mails and we look for meeting the right circumstances and so we tend to forget about these animals. spinoza said we could do what we wanted with the animals, so he's much like free minded than dalai lama. it's not the majority of herd which needs to be cured. it's more simply that we just have the right to do with animals as it pleases us to do, and nothing in religion is against this. 

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