[D-G] color In 1908

Liza Kozner liza_kozner at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Dec 19 14:46:43 PST 2005


Liza In 1907, just by flashing monochromatic lights one might
reterritorialize a space, but just imagine how much better the
reterritorialization process would work with POLY-chomatic lights!
hell, why not invent another dimension to this experimental system and
add fantastic stereo sound fx too, now that would be something fit for
a king.
  never is it in question to enjoy the structure in itself

  yet also the idea of travelling from a place to another place in the structure, and how this travel can communicate in the structure
  where some part of you is staying somewhere and an other part of you is sent somewhere. 
  so you enjoy the structure as a propaganda to the unconscious by the collective unconscious that reaches you. a difference with calling this a reterritorialisation like you did with the PanChroma Flashes of Colour, and the Stereo Sound surreal reterritorializations. Surreal because it can reach the uncosncious part linked by the collective unconscious. so maybe the collective unconscious has something to do with how the unconscious of the collectivities are worked by something. do you see by what, i don't see at this moment...


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