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Sun Dec 18 14:53:55 PST 2005

   at some point Guattari in his letters to Deleuze instead of saying capitalism, need to say "the thing", instead of using reterritorialization to describe this process, that i have observed like you did in 1907, i would see it from the point of view of the objects/subjects which are objects of this process, or objects of it, many many points of view. i think there's a difference between a fiction which is there as imagination, and one who can help you escape from your dreams. to a certain extent this vocabulary, and every theories, are Deleuze's or Guattari's dreams. i see cinema are or can be instruments of visions. setting an understanding.  less personal , less dreamish than theory. less elitist, you follow me? technicolor or dolby thx can be obtained by other means, the smithers are creating new tools for the start of cinema since 1900, but these get serialized by strange casting agencies. and now, i am wondering what's gonna happen next? and what has happened in the
 in-betweens? it's an important work of deconstruction, and of ambitious construction, construction knows time and is now more and more everywhere... there's because someone said in front of collegues in the parliament of big saucages "no nature escapes from nature, no void here " he meant of course: no coming back to civilization, you know why: the lines are xausted, the line is tired. sob, whatever the reterritorialization, and so i am wondering if the word reterritorialization corresponds to the word we need to describe the world that we both see. i am thinking the same way, or just see it, but when i was thinking i was not using these words "reterritorialization" i don't like it so did you need to apologize for not having better words, that's what i do often these days. did you thought these processes i am thinking aswell using these words. i don't mind you do: you are using them so it's fine but what could be of interests for the agency is how do you think? we study the brain,
 our brains, your brains, and thus we are wondering if these thoughts that we share with you on the list, have been conceived with the words of reterritorialization? ok so long byebye!!
In 1907, just by flashing monochromatic lights one might
reterritorialize a space, but just imagine how much better the
reterritorialization process would work with POLY-chomatic lights!
hell, why not invent another dimension to this experimental system and
add fantastic stereo sound fx too, now that would be something fit for
a king.
NZ <pretzelworld at> wrote:
   So it becomes unconscious again, yes again, because during
the first step empirical (observable) territory is destroyed by the
reterritorialization, but in the second step reterritorialization not
only destroys terr. but also ruins the empirical moment (like its raw
data) by grafting upon it an experimental approach towards knowlege
which at this point becomes a limiting factor. I will have clarify
myself better...

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