[D-G] buenjornio los bambinis

NZ pretzelworld at gmail.com
Sat Dec 17 09:11:38 PST 2005

I wanted to add one more bit about NYC mayor bloomberg... cuz last
month I was involved with the elections that took place in New York
where bloomberg was re-elected. what I think is important to 
understand about NYC todayy (december 2005)
when peoople complain about banana dictators, and folks like Saddam
Hussain, who have "staged" elections, and we all know the elections
are staged because in the case of saddam, he personally owned all the
newspapers and tv channels and literally the entire recording surface
from which voters are expected to cull empirical opinions... well,
essentially that is what NYC is today, cuz billionaire Bloomberg owns
all the media outlets in NYC, he even owns all the newspapers that are
handed out for free on the street. For his first election 2001 he
handed out a million free radios that could only play one channel...
"bloomberg news channel". It is no wonder that he is always showen in
a rosey light. The fact of the matter is that NYC is ruled by a
despotic tyrant who rewards zis police force for increased friction
with the civilian population. now after that terrible incident of
brutality and murder that occured in miami, w/o reason or sanity
(later it was disclosed that the passenger never said he had a bomb,
that it was a miscommunication) but now this week all over the US we
have new laws that have put these killer air marshals into normal
situations, patrolling undercover on public transportation, buses,
trains and of course planes.

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