[D-G] truth

Liza Kozner liza_kozner at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Dec 8 17:22:44 PST 2005


assumption in your work, or outside, in dayly life. assumption is elitist. it expresses negligence of thought and is part of the mode of life of the Superior Men, who need to hurry for the protection of their way of lifes. hurry means not to deal with the possibility that they assume. Gödel in that is interesting, as there comes a mathematician suddenly asking strange questions as a mathematician, and put it all into question.
  i am getting tired of this language, but DG would say it's schizophrenic.
  at the contradiction with Euclid and Greek philosophy with remains of Egyptian archaic state substratums, claiming the essence are in the sky or something, that they do not invent them. to posit the essences, truth in heaven make it then that they assume what they have created, and fix movement. Transcendnace.

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