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in book 2 of e. spinoza : perfect is real. then you say the idea of perfectness spinoza said: became social.
  aside from what you say, on examples of social perfect , as examples you give belong to various parts of the world and need to be explained by other things than perfection.
  do you know its seems two very distinct modes of perfection. but it's rather: once you define perfection according to the quantity of reality, it get possible to talk about social perfection.
  has deleuze said spinoza talks in different languages, the one of positive signs, scholias, the one of common notion. the one of eternal essences and their affects.
  what i think is that spinoza, if you read his letters, talks there of a vile person, and says something as if they were indeed perfect. itys as if he can let correspond the way of social signs, the signs society gives, probably the society in which he was living, with his philosophical system of production of truth. so what interested spinoza was not to see the evolution of the perfection, but rather to point out at the radical distinction between philosophy, and moral philosophy.
  an interesting question.  because  tools of perceiving chaotic states and with that chaotic states in the society contemporaneous to the thinker, have been forged over the years since spinoza was on with our planet. 
  i think i lack personnaly a molar line. that's how i saw it, when Bart sent his letters to me. i could not follow maria's advizes and play with him, i could not do the naughty girl, while he was doing the erotoman boy. this is what i cannot do. so much because i have been contacted by philosophy and found a lover in it. so my problem could seem to be arranged, if you talk about my problem, and setting an end, a goal. but what i want as an end, is to get married and bear children. I want to be married with the Holy Spirit. the fire that consumes artists. i want it for me. that's my goal. ok. but i lack a molar line. why is that? how do you get one? to have children means to be capable of getting a molar line into me. it's a metaphor if you want. but it's a true problem. and i guessed, i could turn out to stop loving animals aswell. cause these are the creatures of the desert. and misery falls on the shoulders of the contemptors of the desert said Nietzsche. The Two Monks. or the Two
 Priest, I don't remember if it's one or the other. Monks or Priests. You've confused me with your Monasteries Harald! I need a doughnut, I have it , glurps. It's as simple, that's the animals. But what I want is the Fire of the Phoenix. I want to burn, and live after. Animals have learned aswell to call perfect the thing that gives them to stir their imagination a jolt. Their imagination extend as far as their direction of head. If they look towards the despot, they will seek for an object that can extend their sight in the fashion asked by the despot, they will do a perfect egyptian relief. an essence. a philosopher who is upper class, by which i meant a philosopher who is anchored in the Image of Thought, who is thought by other philosophyes, (it can be Kant or Descartes, but it is any philosophy, it could be Spinoza or Deleuze) that is a philosopher whose thought is arrowed in some other body than a philosophy. A philosopher who as not left the ground of the Images, the essences
 of society, with its hierarchy of participation to qualities. And what I was wondering while thinking about all this was if could not jump in this Image of Thought, and get a molar line of pride inside of me, to get proud of it, not act as if i could be proud, i think this is over stimulating. And only to show this Image in Society. So first, Internet, is it, or is it not a part of society? If it is society, then why not to be proud of my internet subjectivity? And to deserve this pride by others? Otherwise i would be an aristocratic princess, a philosopher. Otherwise I would jump back out of the Image of Thought. But this is against the hypothesis. The hypothesis is: get inside the Image of Thought, accept the opinions, accept their powers. Onions. And start a relationship with anybody. Learn to participate to the society. I think this is capitalist subjectivity. And that's why I am interested in Bart Twains, to teach me subjectivity. As a friend of mine told me: we are so much
 influenced by revolution, what is revolutionary is probably, american televisual soaps. Hollywood chewing-gum, that is the more revolutionary thing. Deleuze is out of date. He said this. I was not so sure. Then he told me I should get an analysis. He meant a psychoanalysis, not a schyzoanalIsis. And he told me an argument about psychoanalysis, that it was not as desparate as Deleuze suggested it was. I am sure lots of people will read this and think it's not so true, or maybe we could stop seeing anything I am writing as interesting. This is not lack of pride. It's trying to imagine a way of getting a molar line that gets in my life. And so with Oedipe. It's good. What you said to me was good. I need pride, some pride. Pride of being somebody. Not somebody important. Some body. You see, that's how the girl can be perfect. Not in essence, but in reality, by being some body. I am some body. I am a perfect artist, I am Liza. Just some body. I don't need by the way to attract your
 attention on this while we're onto this, I don't need to be a creative thinker who need to have curious thoughts. What I need is a molar line that cuts through my body. My body needs to capture. Instead than getting caught by essences of perfection. It's needs to capture a molar boy. In a wedding. He needs to have a Holy Spirit. That's it. So i don't want to show you anything. I am effectively looking to get this pride of being an artist. As said Spinoza, don't hate your leaning, use them. And however, if I see I live too much, or enterily in the gaze of someone else, I need to get beyound, to look through, and see, and help myself. I think maybe this is it. I said what I wanted to say, and I am glad you offered me the opportunity to live in someone else's skin for a minute, thanks to Interceding after me. This was a creative act, but also, I wanted to finish something, to get beyound.
  CQFD Liza/

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