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Liza Kozner liza_kozner at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Dec 4 08:42:28 PST 2005

the quote i attach to this mail comes from your correspondance.
your biography gives statements things reported like a fairy tale
  i think that is its positivity. but if your interested by facts instead than statements report, its not what you'd want to learn.
  it's important to give the genetic of a statement. how such a statement is produced. about the quote it's like the immanence comes from anger. please reread the statement in this light, only for the fun maybe, especially the "even" in this phrase is like an anger, a will to exact revanche that is not yet satisfied. against what or who, up to you to tell, i did not get the sources, neither who wrote this.
  maybe its this passage of a religion to another that enabled spinozist receptibility to atheism and the immanence going with it?
  about your quote, on jesus christ i don't know the book you refer to, i guess jesus christ gives a beautiful message to himself: don't look for awards, Jesus, and create a new world called "heaven" where there's no need to tease ppl with recompenses, its polemical somehow, against the roman empire.
  btw i think europe is stuck with the  kind of pax romana syndrome. i saw even books published here & there telling the virtues of romans antiques over the greeks & the jews. this eurozone is a dead place. i am looking for the inbetween inside it but see nothing. this planet and the inhabitants is worthy of a lovecraft novel.
hwenk <hwenk at web.de> wrote:

But the Marrans lost any believe in any help of a transcendental god, for he
didn't even protect them
of being forced to declare openly not to believe in him but in another god,
which is forbidden
by the ten commands of the old testament.

At this place I remind at a in my eyes a very important quote from
Jesus from the new testament, where he says, that what has no
award in this world will be awarded in heaven or the empire of god - which
of course is

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