[D-G] malgosia, Virginia, please your turn to speak.

John Young jya at cryptome.net
Thu Dec 1 10:03:39 PST 2005

Expend nothing on trying to breach Malgosia's incommunicado, tell
it to Verizon which garrots her link to the outside whenever the
underground pipe Madame M.'s illegally tapped into gets de trop vibrato.

There's a huge conduit between the White House and 10 Downing
which passes by Malgosia's squat from the international telecomm hub on
Manhattan's loft district heading under the Atlantic off Coney Island, a 
close listening of the hum is delicious when the freedom-spouters are 
mock commiserating at the lack of sensitivity about their murderisms. 
Their haw-haws make bulbs in the soft-fleshed encased optical fiber 
when they exchange dead heroes and grieving moms jokeries.

It's an inescapable addiction of those audially-stroking the light waves 
wondering WTF ghoulism will be cloaked in highest US-UK ears only.
Sysadmins of the sewerage know but wont tell except by way of pillow
moanings and giggleisms.

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