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Mon Aug 15 23:17:59 PDT 2005

Dear Readers. About the Yes in Europe. France voted for the Revolution,
but Deleuze and Foucault organised this vote with their ideas, I am not
a duped fellow. I know. And people are trying to make me change my mind,
but Foucault betrayed the Revolution organised by Nietszche and Lou. Our
only hope was Anais Nin and June Smith.  Tania.

Hi Yes its Adline.

I don't know what about me. I have travelled from Schipol Airport to San
Francisco where Gondominnie has been sent by Lucy after he resigned from
the Belgrade University.

Here in Europe all is so sad since they voted yes, it has been very
pleasant to find the new continent, newer than ever, and building itself
everyday bits after bits, torrentially.

Adline is a name that is actually stolen to somebody else Character.
Adline Vanlindenbergh. She is a nine years old girl, whose Mother is
infatuated from. sorry for wrong spelling. Its she is in love of her
daughter, and dresses her like a Giraffe and takes her to the zoo.
That's how I met her because they went to see GondoMinnie.

So this might answer their connections in mater of bwo. Adline's (as 9
year old original character, and not me) and the Giraffe in which she
was outfitted, was meeting the monkey-probe of a renowned scientifist.

Europe has voted yes in France and since then the media have found
everyone occasion to shed tears of uttered sad grieviance, around their
sentimentalities of theirs, grassroots movements of the NO to Europe,
disappeared by the metallic hands of Foucault and Deleuze, betrayers of
the French Revolution. This explains my commentaries on Deleuze and
Foucault to the American at the start of this miserable letter.

Adline, now your identity has been revealed I will sign with my true
name, Pieter Sloterdijk. For I am the Philosopher that has been known
for his quircky interviews on TV and his book with a fairy bitter
tastyness around.

Thank you.

Pieter Sloterdijk.
(allowed to speak by Antenne 2 of Paris in France my country I miss you)
  adline vanlindenbergh
  bisouxnoursfast at fastmail.fm

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