[D-G] Awakening from the Nightmare of History

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please avoid ref to the niebelungen mythology
it has been used by the industrious6culture of nawi

i gave ;y friend he strted to read deleuwe i like hoz
he said rhizo;e

zhqt you sqy is not that new or interesting
zhy the Draq;q drama if not marx comic history repeets
tragic heraclitus m virgil think about berlusconi
versus tragic  mussolini. take a break. stop thinking
you have to express thatm nobody cares. hopefully they
will not.

at least
do not destroy the possibles with your theories. 

thank you for saying the; herem 
atchoughm ==bye.

--- NZ <pretzelworld at gmail.com> wrote:

> James is such a poet. yes, It IS like intermingling
> tree-structures.
> If only we could have Yggdrasil to explain our
> situation and guide us
> thru, but those are old-fashioned mythologies. Where
> is that old
> rhebus(!?), indeed, D-G seem to provide fragments of
> it. But, here is
> some more nightmare-sleep-fantasy...
> "In Norse mythology the Einherjar or Einheriar, were
> spirits of
> warriors who had died bravely in battle every day.
> In the morning,
> they are woken by Gullinkambi, a rooster, and march
> out to the great
> field of Idavoll in the heart of Asgard to fight
> against each other in
> merry (and mortal) combat. At dusk, when they are
> all cut to pieces,
> save perchance a few, they are miraculously healed,
> and march back
> into Valhalla, where Andhrímnir, the cook of the
> gods, has prepared a
> meal for them from the pork of Sæhrímnir, a pig that
> is reborn every
> day, and the mead milked from Heiðrún, a goat
> feeding on the leaves of
> Yggdrasil. [...] A tree whose leaves and twigs reach
> down to the roof
> of Valhalla and provide food for the goat Heiðrún
> and the stag
> Eiktyrnir that both live on the roof.)"
> -there's more at
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Einherjar
> -------------------
> If Stanislaw Lem says so, I am, truely dreaming or
> sleep-living
> (rather than just plain "dead" like  Tollund Man
> (300.b.c)), then i
> must necessarily have a concept (no matter how bad)
> of The Absolute
> through which I can interact with the realworld. For
> Tollund Man it
> could very likely be the Goat, Heiðrún which
> connects us as Einherjar
> to Yggdrasil. I am sure Bill Moyers could
> deconstruct the whole
> "Goat-thing" in western civilization better than me,
> but the part I
> like is imagining "us as the Einherjar, subsisting
> off hamburgers and
> beer served to us by the fine babes at Hooters BBQ,
> playing the
> endgame with Duchamp during the day." No thanks. As
> our reality takes
> on the literal aspects of our abstract cultural
> myths, we too often
> loose the context for that original myth.  Through
> time those
> mythic-cultures become "re-territorialized" as
> products sold back to
> us.  (don't marketers have their own imagination to
> rape?) Even as
> paradoxs of market psychology these myths fulfill a
> latent economy of
> meaning that indeed leaves an imprint on historical
> consciousness (but
> that is not real even if the imprint is). So why
> then are we still
> sucking ass all day? A concept of absolute allows
> for that economy to
> be governed consciously, but without a concept of
> absolute that
> economy is subject to virtually any BwO whether or
> not it is conscious
> or not. Hitler targeted the Thrall suckers. One
> problem I have (which
> is why I am not an anarchist) that a capitalist BwO
> is most likely not
> conscious either.... and  yet we, who are
> "becoming", must absorb that
> excess economy and redistribute it ourselves, it is
> a cruel act.
> Coming back to NYC from Poland & germany last week,
> made me realize
> how few Americans have a sense of identity outside
> of culture-industry
> (or their insular Satre-groups). It isn't an
> identity-crash, there was
> no soaring identity, its a calm calculated
> identity-landing, with
> Herve Vilechaize greeting me. I mean, the county is
> made by people who
> could not work out their problems back home and
> needed an imaginary
> blank slate on which to begin, that makes a perfect
> target. Like
> Rawls'  original position, it reflects an
> impoverished moral
> conception of the person. In what scenario would I
> want my concept of
> identity to compete with my concept of justice?
> None, thanks to my
> persona-culture those are mutually exclusive for me,
> so it is the
> nightmare of such a scenario that makes me paranoid.
> Heracletus saw
> the absolute as fire, chaotic but adaptable (it can
> only be, so long
> as it is there), plato saw it divided by the
> knowable (that being
> known+unknown) and "nothing", as did Anaxagoras.
> Xeno easily showed
> how difficult it is to move forward without a
> concept of absolute. And
> since then, Plato's "nothing" has been filled by
> twinkies, electron
> microscopes and bikini wax, and promptly transfered
> into the
> "knowable". Without a concept of the Absolute, then
> that economy of
> transfer (from nothing to unknown-knowable, and then
> to
> known-knowable) is taking place in an unconscious
> realm of our
> identity, which leaves it vulnerable to virtually
> any logic,
> especially Xeno's. Culture was not always in the
> unconscious realm.
> Ideas like the rhebus and the kenning allowed it to
> have meaning. I am
> starting to think that fact that English lost its
> genderized nouns
> also fits into this.
> "a martini is made with dry vermouth, so your soul
> can't get wet."
> Heraclitus the Bartender
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