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hi pretzel

i have come to answer here to your dissertation.

dont you think that when Deleuze says:
RED (crimson colour)
proves there's something
nietzsche also when disserting heraclites idea of 'becoming'
versus -plato-'s idea of 'becoming' showed TWO distinct conception,
my goal is not here to win the argument by boasting this ground
meditated by the 
thinkers which preceded me, but to develop something by myself in answer
of your letter.

i don't know what to say though. are you in Canada? we could talk about
it under a tree or something.
was Nietzsche really disliking people like you to be like socrates?

that is, having U say things and etc. Toronto, plane crashes, ok.
Identity crashes?
Explain .

Plato and becoming. You can be tricked by a kid advancing the "we"
philosopher's argument. We is me. And you are kid playing in my hand. 

Plato is in solving Socrates, solving Posseidon. And Nietzsche says:
stop this slove assslovehole!!

But Plato needed to be suck and told. and so he was...

Heraclites becoming is: partes extra partes
Platos feared becoming : where no idea remains
So, Ideas remain, right Mister??? And if Ideas remains so Becoming in
Heraclites, is also an object of Virtue in Your Mind. 
It is not Berkley's Mind, it is not Beckett's Mind. And you can forget
Ombrellas of the Past, right? It is not Absolute, as an Absolute value;
Cfr Kant.
It is Becoming. Not Poseidon!!! But the slow reintroduction of Absolute
as an Absolute Value, it is like Artaud being a neglectful Dialectician.
What do you think though. I want to be open minded. Let's discuss the
Crimson under a tree I go to Montreal between 21 and 26.

Liza writing under Lucy writing under Adline.

are you agreeing with that,That's all I want to know. 

Vive Virilio; Capatalist Paul Viril Lio -ness. BIZOUXXXX

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