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Mr David Fussell reception at pica.org.au
Sun Nov 28 22:06:29 PST 2004

Massumi called it something like an, 'augmentation of the power to live in
this world'. 

At a presentation I gave once, a member of the audience naturally assumed
this was provided by drugs. I couldn't quite (morally) explain that that was
dependent on the context of becoming. It might as easily be provided by
drinking water, getting on all fours or sewing up your arse-crack! And so

An ex-disciple of an indian guru once explained the 'free-love' rationale to
me. The disciple would see freedom as free love and the ask the guru. The
guru would say, 'yes'. Endless free love would leave the disciple divorced
with children of multiple partners, a drug habit, a hippy wardrobe and lost.
The disciple would say freedom is not free love. The guru would say, 'yes'.
The disciple would say freedom is a loving family. The guru would say,
'yes'. In other words 'yes' means among other things, 'only you know'.


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> Yes, I understand this. The nurturing chaos of the primeval forest and
> the rain. This is the best environment for a sensitive soul to find
> that necessary marriage of vitality and repose, a calm and innocent
> vitality. Telling the healthy from the sick and choosing the healthy,
> as Nietzsche said, is the foundation of mastery.
> Didn't I read that Deleuze always felt a little guilty, when his
> students would hear his exhortation to liberate themselves and then
> turn to drugs to do so? I think he always knew how that would end:
> Liberation means making life an indulgence and a celebration, but
> addiction (and not just chemical, but lifestyle addiction) is
> compulsion and routine. Weakness. But he didn't have the heart to play
> the old no-sayer -- or maybe he knew it would do no good.

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